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Mivi :Music & Beat Video Maker

DEVOLOPER: Music Video Studio

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The Description of Mivi :Music & Beat Video Maker

Mivi :Music & Beat Video Maker is a video production application released by Music Video Studio. Its powerful and easy-to-access music video maker editor will ensure that Android users can create users' creative videos in a short time. Mivi's professional editing tools and amazing editing materials provide users with a reliable and convenient video production service. Here, users can create videos with great effects in a very simple way. To make a video, users simply select one of a hundred different templates under the app's main menu, add their images, and quickly export the result to the device's media library.


App Store Performance

Mivi :Music & Beat Video Maker has 213,065 reviews in Google Play store and a review of 4.4 stars out of 5. In Apkfun, it has 4.2 stars out of 5 rating. In Appgrooves, it has 212K reviews and a review of 4.4 stars out of 5.


Mivi :Music & Beat Video Maker Pros and Cons


1. There is a powerful and accessible music video maker editor

2. very easy to use

3. Quick templates with tons of fun filter effects and unique music videos

4. Constantly update new templates


1. Free version has lots of ads

2. Many templates require in-app purchases to unlock

Mivi :Music & Beat Video Maker Reviews

In Mivi :Music & Beat Video Maker, users will be able to create the creative video they want with an easy-to-use music video maker. It is available to all users and can be easily mastered. Users simply select their favorite images and combine them with the theme music, then choose their favorite visual effects and filters in Mivi Launcher. After an interesting video is generated, users can create it as a social post or share it with friends.


There are many beautiful templates available in Mivi :Music & Beat Video Maker, and each template has its own unique style and artistic elements, and helps users to quickly generate creative videos with music. Users simply enable their favorite filters and customize the colors and visual elements of the selected video. Additionally, users can unlock different text options and flexible editing to create a variety of text content and combine this content with their creative videos. Mivi allows these powerful effects to combine and work together to create the user's creative work. Users can also unlock the powerful background changer and edit some fancy photos.


Mivi :Music & Beat Video Maker supports free download from Google Play or Apple Store. Mivi offers many free features. These features are enough for users to create their own creations in no time. However, if users want to take full advantage of its features, users need to make an in-app purchase. Users who upgrade to premium membership can enjoy the professional version of Mivi. Also, like the iOS and Android apps, Mivi will require certain access permissions from the user's phone device. This is necessary to ensure the use of its functions and features.


Overall, Mivi :Music & Beat Video Maker is a handy music video maker app that is very easy to use. Users will see an intuitive and beautiful application interface, and can quickly explore its features and enjoy the fun of creating amazing artwork. Users just need to select any photo they like and upload it to Mivi, then it will help users to edit and design certain photos anytime and anywhere. Mivi's unique templates are great for users who like quick and easy music videos. Its one-click conversion tool allows users to create cool music videos out of thin air. Hundreds of Mivi's templates have their own visual elements and creative art, and with its regularly updated new templates, users will always be able to enjoy the new experience of making music videos and the pleasure of following the latest fashion trends. In addition to quick templates for unique music videos, Mivi has more powerful and interesting filter effects. It allows users to choose from a large collection of high-quality photo filters that can be applied to any uploaded image, changing its visual elements and colors. Users can freely try them on their images, such as choosing a cartoon effect or a modern theme. Mivi also enables users to provide text options to add to creative photos and videos. In Text Creative, users can customize font settings with all available system fonts. When everything is done, users can share their creations with others by choosing one of the many quick sharing options in Mivi.


So, don't hesitate and download the mighty Mivi now. It will bring you a full surprise.

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Editor's Reviews

Description of Mivi: Music & Beat Video Maker

Mivi: Music & Beat Video Maker is a very easy-to-use video production tool, its main feature is that its operation is very simple, users only need to upload their photos, and use this APP to export them to video, you can easily The harvested video works, and then users can add background music and some various special effects to this video to create a personalized music video. This APP provides a lot of special effects, such as the popular spiral effect, neon photo effect, as well as various emojis, angel wings, etc., which provide video creators with richer creativity and content. Not only that, there are many fixed templates in this APP, these templates include 3D parallel ex, magic f X, etc., users can directly use the templates above to edit their music videos, for example, users only need to click the template part, and upload your photos with one click to convert them into cool music videos. And this template is not fixed, it is constantly updated, which is also very grateful to the background operating system of this platform. The update of this template is very timely, and it keeps up with fashion hotspots. At different times, its templates are different. , so play often and new, players will never get bored. If users feel that the quality of their pictures is not very high, they can also adjust their photos through the filters in this APP. For example, you can make your photos more cartoonish, or more unique.


APP Store Performance

With a rating of 4.4 on the app market, over 230,000 reviews, and over 10 million downloads, this app is very popular.


Mivi: Music & Beat Video Maker Pros and Cons 


1. This APP provides different video templates, and the video templates are updated randomly, which can keep up with the fashion trend.

2. Its operation is very simple, users only need to upload their photos to export them as a video, which is very fast and convenient

3. Its special effects are very good, involving many popular special effects such as neon lights, wings, emojis, etc. There are also some different animated texts for users to choose from.



1. Its biggest disadvantage is that there are too many advertising users on this APP. During the process of using it, it takes more than ten seconds of advertising to continue to use it, so it is a waste of time.


Mivi: Music & Beat Video Maker Review

Not only photos, but users can also edit some text in this app. There are more than 100 animated text styles in this APP for players to perform. Select the user to customize the font, color, size, position, alignment, and more. These words help users better explain their intentions. For example, when a user makes a video to commemorate a certain event, a certain event, etc., it can be conveyed through text. I have seen a lot of videos created by others only on this platform, and most of them have good image effects and text content. I think these text parts can better help bystanders understand the creator's intentions because some things cannot be conveyed through pictures and videos. At this time, adding some text to express your emotions, psychology, and so on, which are very suitable. And this text is not as rigid as the text in the word text. This text is very cute and multi-style, and players can choose their favorite styles by themselves.


Not only that, but users can also change the background of their photos, users can change the background of any picture with just a few taps. This APP also has a tool called Blur Tool, which can help users to blur the background of the video. Because sometimes the background is not very good when we shoot a video, then we can use the function of blurring the background at this time to highlight the part we want to express and weaken the part we don't want to express.


This APP also has some cooperation with many platforms. For example, after users export their own video stories, they can directly share these excellent works of art on ins or Facebook. In this regard, it provides users with social functions. Users can create videos in this APP and publish their works through other platforms, so as to generate a series of videos with their friends and fans. interactive. As far as I know, some very powerful video creators have a very strong fan team, because they often share their excellent works on ins or Facebook, allowing many people to follow them and appreciate their works. So overall, this APP is a music video editor, but it is also a social APP, it can help users to create wonderful audio and video, and also allows users to share their works on other social media, so as to Get more likes and followers.

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