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Super Mario Run

DEVOLOPER: Nintendo Co., Ltd.
SIZE: 274.8 MB 274.8 MB

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The Description of Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run is a pocket version of the all-time classic console game provided by the same creator: Nintendo Co., Ltd. It is a racing game with multiple playing modes and a special building and decorative feature. This mobile game can be downloaded for free on both App Store and Google Play. After installing the app on their mobile devices, players can enjoy a free trial on a few selected courses from all modes of the game. Then they can decide whether or not they want to pay for full accessibility to the whole game. This mobile version of Super Mario Run retains the core game mechanics and features of its original version. It is a horizontal axis racing game with obstacles, rewards, and goals. Players can enjoy four different game modes. World Tour is a standard racing game with 24 running courses across different landscapes around the world. Players run through those courses to save Princess Peach and after that, they can unlock a special tour with 9 courses named World Star. In Remix 10 mode, players can play Super Mario Run in a shorter blitz. There are 10 courses with reduced length and increased intensity.  At the end of the run, players will find the missing Daisy. Furthermore, players can opt for a more challenging and interactive mode in the Toad Rally. This mode offers a harder difficulty level and more competitive elements. Players can join the racing competition with others all over the world to win toad cheering and coin rewards. Apart from that, by playing this mode, players can recruit help from the toads for their building projects in the Kingdom Builder mode. This mode is not racing-based but decoration-oriented. Players can select from a large collection of building items and decorations to create their kingdoms. Plus, they can also play mini-games in the Bonus Game House to win more coins.  


App Store Performance

Super Mario Run is selected as an Editor’s Choice game on App Store and Google Play which rate this app at 3.6 and 3.9 out of 5 respectively. Pocket-lint.com rates the game positively at 4.5 out of 5 and ign.com gives an 8/10 score.


App Pros and Cons


1. One-time purchase without in-game microtransactions.

2. High-quality craftsmanship in game-making.

3. Easy game controls for mobile device players.

4. Multiple game modes with new characters and features.



1. There are updates-related errors that lead to installing and reinstalling issues.

2. Random technical bugs.


App Reviews

Super Mario Run brings the classic and nostalgic game on the go. It is needless to say that the game-making quality matches the reputation and expectations of Nintendo. The gameplay and characters are classic with new features. Players can choose from different difficulty levels and game session lengths. The four playing modes are designed without confusion or much overlapping. Instead, they are indeed interrelated among each other. This creates a distinct yet organic gaming experience for Super Mario Run fans. One excellent feature of this mobile version lies in its refinements on visual effects. Both the characters and the gaming environment are visibly polished to cater to the tastes of the 21-century standard. The color scheme and sharpness of the imageries are significantly improved in this mobile version. Animation and game controls are also flowing smoothly. Although some critics are claiming that the game control is not as accurate and intuitive as that in other mobile racing games. It should also be pointed out that Super Mario Run was not created in an age where accuracy and sensitivity of movements were normal practices in the video game industry. This game gains popularity for many other unique elements that are well preserved in this mobile version. Although it is still rendered in a 2D format with simple control, players can still experience and re-experience the fun of this classic game whenever and wherever they are. 

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