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Minecraft is a sandbox game developed by Microsoft's Mojang Studios. In the game, players can interact with blocks in a 3D world. Features in the game include exploring the world, gathering resources, crafting items, and survival adventures. Minecraft has a variety of modes: in survival mode, players must maintain life and gather resources to build their own world; in creative mode, players have unlimited resources and can create buildings freely; and in adventure mode, players can use other players to play on a custom map. To conclude, Minecraft is one of the best games made for computer and mobile, and I recommend it if you like building structures, survival games, or if you just want to pass the time.


Minecraft could inspire people’s interest and creativity. In the virtual world, you can create whatever you want. For example, if you are interested in architecture, you can build complex and delicate houses in this world, and you can also add simple some Redstone automatic structures to the buildings, to make your home safer and more gorgeous. This experience provides people with a great sense of achievement and creativity because the design of Minecraft activities is very suitable for the characteristics of youth and adults. The game activities and content in the virtual world are more consistent with life. For example, you can use some buttons to change the layout of the port, and you can also choose options like fishing, feeding, trading, and so on. You can add vampires, werewolves, and rideable dragons for free, as some people will prefer these slightly supernatural characters and elements. The game setting connects people's life experiences and interests with the primary contents of the game, thereby inspiring people to create the world, to continue exploring in the areas that they are just interested in. And at the same time, this experience could promote the development of people's imagination in the activities. Finally, this kind of experience gives people a great sense of achievement and creativity.


In addition, this game provides us with a social platform. Minecraft has a lot of players all over the world, and when you get into it, you'll find that even if you're a single player, you're not alone. There are countless tutorial wikis and countless authors developing mods. When you are bored, you can build a house and fight monsters in the game with your good friends. The house is virtual, the monster is virtual, but your time together is a real joyous experience.


More importantly, Minecraft has a very reasonable feedback mechanism. In this virtual world, whether you want to create the world or destroy it, everything you do will be fed back accordingly. For example, you can scratch trees, dig sand, and dig stones. Trees can be made of wooden boards, and sand can be burned into glass. When digging stones, you may find various minerals. Here as long as you do one thing, then your gaming experience will change. I remember when I first started playing this game, I didn’t feel tired after digging for a long time. I think it’s because of this very reasonable feedback mechanism. The feedback mechanism is actually an important way for players to perceive the game world, and it is also an important source of game fun. With the right feedback mechanism, players can continue to cultivate and create in this virtual world, so Minecraft has gained a very sticky customer.


However, Minecraft has its downsides, and I think the biggest cons is that it's very unfriendly to novice. Because the game has too little guide content for pure novice, in fact, actually, there is almost no guidance, so as a pure rookie, you will be confused when you first start playing the game.


In general, although Minecraft has its cons, it’s very interested and inspired because it's very similar to our lives. Minecraft game is a symbol of life, a journey of self-realization. The vast majority of players, after entering the game scene, first need to survive, and then work hard to create the world they want. It is like the actual life experiences.

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Editor's Reviews

Offered by Mojang, Minecraft can be downloaded on iOS and Android platforms at $7.49 with further in-app purchase options available. It is a mobile version of the ultra successful and legendary PC game of the same title. This mobile game has been regarded as Editor’s Choice on app stores and it incorporates the main features of its PC version with modifications that help this game fit into a mobile game scope. Most of the defining aspects of the regular PC version are available in the mobile version. Players still start their game in a randomly generated world where they would explore and harvest useful materials for crafting, build shelters and other architectures, conduct farming-related activities and defend themselves from monsters. Players can always enjoy the fun and creative gameplay legacy of the PC game on the go!


Players of this mobile version can play the game in two modes— creative and survival mode. In creative mode, players do not need to take time and sometimes tedious grinding efforts to gain the useful materials for their buildings and crafts. Instead, they would be given unlimited resources and materials to build whatever the heart desires. Under this mode, players can fully concentrate on their ideas and exert their creativity without worries about the scarcity of certain materials. In survival mode, players can experience a very exciting and thrilling first day of their world building. During the first 24 hours, players need to focus on building their safe shelters, therefore, they need to prioritize basic materials and crafting to create a safe zone at the beginning. However, it should be mentioned that the mobile version is less dangerous and challenging than its PC counterpart because the monsters are less and easier to defeat on the mobile version. Players can choose to play alone or join their friends. The in-app purchase offers free-trial for private server of multiplayers. Apart from that, players can also explore more perks and special features on their app, particularly the customization add-Ons.


Known as a fascinating game with complicated sandbox-style gameplay and vast gaming potentials, its mobile version tries to incorporate as much essential gaming experience as it can. Plus, the small-screen based Interfaxe on the one hand, makes certain aspects of gameplay actually easier than that on a PC version. For example, players can drag their harvested materials to the inventory faster and more efficiently. On the other hand however, players also need to be aware that due to the limitation of mobile devices, the game maps and landscapes are shrunk to a great extent, which means they would experience much less sense of vastness and grandiosity that the PC version is identified with. Besides, the mobile version is considered to be “safer” and “easier” in terms of monster threats and defenses. As a result, this mobile version would probably well serve its purpose for new players of Minecraft to kick an easy hassle free start before they commit to the complicated game. Other downsides of the app can be quite technical, such as the bugs, glitches and laggy details on the mobile graphics.


Given all those features and limitations, I still think this version of Minecraft is indeed worth trying unless you are a die-hard fan of PC games. As has mentioned before, it is indeed less dangerous and more resourceful; furthermore, although it is hard to experience an extensive map and wilderness gameplay, players still have plenty of things and tasks to fulfill and stay motivated. Plus, the feature of a more restricted and smaller world with limited enemies, can be quite family-friendly and it’s a good creative exercise for beginners and younger players on the go who do not quite follow the standard PC Minecraft game. 

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