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Talking Panda Kiki

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The Description of Talking Panda Kiki

This game is a classic small game of pet development. Players can play with Panda Kiki in the game and grow together. Panda Kiki is a fat and stupid giant panda, players can click the button on the screen to speak to the panda, and the panda Kiki will repeat what you said with its unique, funny and cute voice, so it is very interesting and can have good interaction with players. Panda Kiki can not only imitate what you said, but also have more interaction with you, for example, players can let him punch, climb trees, eat and dance, etc. Every action of panda Kiki is very funny and cute, which makes people laugh. This game is very suitable for children because its content is very simple and the style is very cute. It does not contain violence and pornographic content, so it is very healthy, and children can feel the joy of getting along with panda Kiki in this game. Especially in the process of panda kitty imitating children's speech, players can feel different humor and happiness.


App Store Performance

The game is a downloadable game for iPhones and iPads as well as Android phones, and it has more than 9.4 million positive reviews. This game ranks very high in the App store, and has a relatively high total score. This game has received a high score of 4.1, out of 5 points.


Game Pros and Cons


1. The design of the game is very cute, more suitable for children

2. This game is very stress-relieving and healing, and the cartoon scene is very comfortable

3. Players can switch between different scenes in the game, allowing players to be in it, and get more rewards.

4. The settings of the game are very good, the game interface is simple and the operation is simple. And it is suitable for all ages



1. The content of the game is relatively simple, and it is difficult to keep players interested for a long time

2. Some levels are very difficult, sometimes players need to charge money to pass

3. The fluency of the game is not enough on some platforms, for example, it is is a bit stuck when some phone download .


Game Reviews

This game is a development game. Players need to take care of this cute little panda in the game. Players can talk to him and become friends with him, and they can also match him with various costumes and equipment. Player need to prepare for his camping trips, his favorite foods like beef, burgers and oranges and more. After getting along with him day by day, players can have further interaction with him. The simulation function of this game is still very strong. For example, after a day of interesting games, players can bathe him and hug him to sleep. In this game, children can fully feel the fun of taking care of others. Players can take the panda to the bathroom, squeeze it with foam, and give it a bath. When the player sees that the panda is tired, you can also take it to the bed and turn off the light. Although the game does not run very smoothly occasionally, for example, the game's microphone will freeze. However, on the whole, the tasks of this game are very simple and interesting. Players mainly go to raise this cute giant panda, complete specific tasks, take care of the cute panda's body, play with it, and feed it food. As these contents are very simple and interesting, and they are also close to the real life, so they are very suitable for children.

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Editor's Reviews

The Description of Talking Panda kiki

Talking Panda Kiki is a mobile pet caring game offered by Babybus Co., Ltd. It is a virtual pet ownership simulation game and the main character is an adorable pet panda named Kiki. This game partially resembles the gameplay and concept of some others similar games in this category. Players need to take on different daily tasks and activities to make sure their pet panda Kiki remain healthy and happy both physically and mentally. The special treat of this character is that Kiki may not be that responsive and players need to actively arouse Kiki’s attention and willingness to interact and play. For example, players can regularly tickle, pet and rub Kiki so he can pay more attention to players. In terms of gameplay, the interface of players’ gaming device displays the icons of each different interactive activities as well as some daily routine needs of the pet panda. Players can roughly divide their gaming contents into three categories. To start with, players need to constantly satisfy the basic needs of Kiki on a daily basis without skipping important tasks such as eating, drinking, hygiene needs and rest etc. Then, players get to experience the highlights of this game which allows players to be experimental about Kiki’s fashion and his magic garden. In other words, players can explore the fashion world and dress up Kiki with different outfits and makeups. Besides, players are also given the opportunity to explore a magic garden with mysterious seeds. In those two sections, players get to experience a lot of surprises and excitements. Furthermore, as the game progresses, players can continue to explore more engaging contents and locations in the game, such as color lab, magic toys and  funny pool etc.

App Store Performance

Talking Panda Kiki is well-received  on the market and App Store rates it at 4.0 out of 5.0, while Google Play gave it a 3.8 out of 5 score.

Talking Panda Pros and Cons


1. Very extensive gaming contents with detailed graphic quality.

2. Well combined generic features and special activities.

3. Safe app for younger students and kids to use.


1. The sound quality in recording Kiki’s conversation is rather low.

2. Some features might disappear.

3. Privacy concerns.

Game Reviews

Talking Panda Kiki is a fun casual game focusing on caring and companionship, and it is particularly suitable for kids who grow up alone without siblings or real pets owned by the family. This fun pet-sitting simulation game truly opens up various surprises, challenges and excitements at any time. Although children are the target player group, this game is not made sheerly simple and repetitive. Instead, players are challenged all the time and they need to constantly try to get the pet’s attention and interact with him on a daily basis. Players need to be resourceful in interacting with Kiki, which helps young players learn some of the most important life skills through funny gameplay. Meanwhile, It is also well-designed and made very easy to play. This design is definitely children-friendly and well balance the contents and controls and potentially relieve the pressure of players and brings more relaxation and fun to life.  Last but not least, players can also benefit a lot from this educational game. For example, a large variety of plants and flowers in many different colors help the younger players to learn to tell different colors and tell the difference. Such educational contents are cleverly sneaked into the funny gameplay and players are learning without noticing. 

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July 10,07

Fun to play
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