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Expedia: Hotels, Flights & Car

DEVOLOPER: Expedia, Inc.
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The Description of Expedia: Hotels, Flights & Car

Expedia: Hotels, Flights & Car is an app published by Expedia, Inc. It is one of the largest and most successful online travel apps in the world. Expedia has a solid reputation as one of the earliest players in online travel apps. Satisfaction with the booking experience it offers users is high. Expedia has great availability and reliable prices. It supports Android and iOS mobile devices. Additionally, Expedia is available almost globally. Currently, its service supports more than 35 languages.


App Store Performance

Expedia: Hotels, Flights & Car has 269,963 reviews in Google Play store and a review of 3.5 stars out of 5. In US Apple App store it has 4.8 stars rating and ranked as #10 in Travel. There are 2.1M ratings received in iOS App store. In Approoves, it has 2M reviews and a review of 4.6 stars out of 5.


Expedia: Hotels, Flights & Car Pros and Cons


1. It has millions of hotels and accommodations of great variety

2. Provide a smooth search experience

3. Users do not need to pay additional service fees


1. It has long wait times for customer service

2. There may be system vulnerabilities


Expedia: Hotels, Flights & Car Reviews

Expedia: Hotels, Flights & Car is a very mature application for hotel reservation system. It has quite a few options. There are two main options for Expedia to offer prepaid and hotel payment. But it depends on how the hotel is set up. Among them, the hotels that have entered the app support "book now, pay later". In Expedia, there are currently 1 million apartments and alternative accommodations in addition to basic hotels and resorts. While using the app, users can cancel free rooms, as well as some fully refundable rooms. Especially during the current epidemic, such a service policy has brought great convenience to passengers who had to temporarily cancel their trips due to the epidemic.


Expedia: Hotels, Flights & Car also has a map that users can use to see attractions and accommodations near a city. It also provides a lot of information about extra costs that other sites don't typically provide, including valet parking fees, pet fees, and even a user's deposit at check-in. Users can also see high-quality hotel reviews on Expedia and can filter by type of traveler by property type and room.


For users with physical disabilities, Expedia also provides a lot of dedicated information for them, such as whether public facilities are suitable for wheelchair users. This is an Expedia specialty, as it's not something that most apps of its kind offer. In addition, users need to be aware that when searching, they encounter popular search results that are often labeled "Ads", which may not necessarily be relevant to their search. Users are more likely to see options without the "Ads" tab. Another great advantage of Expedia is that every hotel photo on the search page is displayed in a carousel of images. This allows users to better compare hotels without the hassle of clicking through each one. This saves time and effort. Another benefit for users booking on Expedia is that it only shows one price per room, and the user then chooses whether to add breakfast, free cancellation, or an extra fee for adding services, etc.


Overall, Expedia: Hotels, Flights & Car provides users with a more enjoyable and convenient, timesaving booking experience. Expedia is also very transparent about how it charges. Its cancellation policy and fines are also highlighted. There is also a last-minute reminder on the Expedia checkout page for users. Users will experience a very smooth experience on Expedia. In addition to searching by country and city, users can also search by airports, train stations, attractions, regions, and even public facilities. Users will find that its search results are also fast. In short, in Expedia, users get unimaginable convenience and benefits.

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Editor's Reviews

Description of Expedia: Hotels, Flights & Car

APP Description of Expedia: Hotels, Flights & Car is published by Expedia, the largest OTA in the US. The history of Expedia can be traced back to 1996 when Microsoft launched Expedia.com, a website for travelers to search and book travel products online. Three years later, Expedia spun off from Microsoft and listed itself on the Nasdaq. Later, IAC split the travel business into three modules: Hotels, Flights & Car.


Expedia obtains products from suppliers at a fixed price, and then earns the difference in sales. This is called the merchant model. At this time, Expedia has the pricing power of products. Expedia's business covers hotels, air tickets, car rentals, cruises and vacation travel product bookings, and many other fields. Expedia: Hotels, Flights & Car mainly provide these services. But Expedia: Hotels, Flights & Car's main source of revenue is hotel bookings, which are said to account for 74% of revenue, and flight bookings for 9% of revenue.


APP Store Performance

This APP is very famous in many European and American countries, and its popularity has always been very high. Although many people are unable to travel due to the epidemic, the number of users of this APP has not decreased. In the APP market, its score is 4.8, which is a very high score, and it has more than 20 million reviews, so it has very high popularity and is relatively popular.


Expedia: Hotels, Flights & Car Pros and Cons


1. The geographical scope of this APP is very broad. It has cooperative hotels in different countries, as well as airlines and car rental platforms.

2. The settings of this APP are very friendly, providing very complete information and a very powerful retrieval function, which is convenient for users to use

3. The business scope is very broad. For travelers, it provides a one-stop service, from accommodation to air tickets to car rental, etc.



1. His information is relatively lagging, and relevant data and information cannot be updated in a very timely manner in some areas.


Expedia: Hotels, Flights & Car Review

Tourism is an industry that is greatly affected by the economic environment. As a service platform for travel booking, Expedia's performance will also be affected by the economic situation. In Q2 2012, Priceline's revenue growth rate declined, while Expedia's growth rate was relatively stable. This has a lot to do with the economic downturn in Europe and the relative stability of the US economy. Because Priceline has a large presence in Europe, while Expedia's main market is in the United States. Therefore, with the development of Expedia's international business, its performance will be more affected by changes in the regional economic environment.


Expedia's regional reach is very broad. It is said that its business sector covers the United States, Canada, France and many other countries. Expedia: Hotels, Flights & Car can be downloaded and used for free in many countries and regions. Its business mainly covers three aspects, hotel booking, air ticket booking, and car rental. It is said that hotels in more than 3,000 locations around the world have cooperated with it, and there are great discounted room rates on Expedia. The detailed information about the hotels can also be browsed online.


And the search function of this APP is very powerful. Passengers only need to input the desired price and region, and in the shortest time, they can get the most real-time and correct quotation. In addition to booking hotels, many travelers also tend to choose to book air tickets on this platform. Users can search based on information such as time and price to get matching information.

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