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DEVOLOPER: FatCat Studios Ltd
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Editor's Reviews

The game Wordle! is a well-known anagram game. The gameplay is very simple. Every day, everyone can try to guess a five-letter English word, but there are only six chances of trial and error every day. If all times fail, players will have to wait until tomorrow to play the game. It is said that this game was developed by Johnson, an American engineer. At first, he was actually trying to make his girlfriend happy, because his girlfriend was very fond of charades. During the outbreak of the new crown epidemic in 2020, two people finally completed the game. There's a reason why this game has been relatively popular right from the start.


First of all, I think it's the simplicity of this game, its simple graphics and interesting game mechanics that make it so popular with many players. The game's developer says he won't do things that require players to spend a lot of time watching ads or spending money, or to steal your privacy, or to overcrowd your attention. In this game, there are three colors, gray, yellow and gray. The three colors represent different meanings. Grey means guessed the wrong word, yellow means the letter guessed correctly but in the wrong place, green means the letter guessed right and the location is correct. Therefore, players can judge the English words of the day from the colors. This game will only take you a few minutes of your time every day. This is also one of the reasons why many players prefer this game, because playing this game limits the player's play time. No matter how much a player loves this game, he will only solve one puzzle a day. This limitation creates a kind of scarcity that allows players to be more engrossed while playing, and also makes players look forward to the next game.


Secondly, the game also has a very good sharing mechanism. Players can look for recognizable and obscure clues in the small squares, and they can also see the answering process of friends at a glance. Although they will not know the answer of the day in advance, they will feel curious, and then want to experience it in person, to see the charm of this game, and small squares will continue to appear in the Twitter feed. Although it means the existence of the puzzle, and everyone is working hard to solve the puzzle, this will attract other players to join and solve the mystery together. This also creates a very good social platform for some players, allowing everyone to do one thing together and have a common topic. Because of the common fun, hobbies and topics, it also allows game players to communicate better. Also, different players have to solve the same puzzle every day, as if everyone is working together to solve a certain grand challenge. Although they are in different places and different countries, because they work hard to solve the same problem, they will form a collective experience or a collective sense of achievement. In the eyes of senior players, this special collective experience can help players feel more competitive, making people more motivated to share their achievements and solve the problem. So this game is very puzzle and brain-burning, and it provides people with a good social platform for people to interact with their friends in the game.


However, I think the bad point of this game is also because it only allows players to guess one word a day. Players have six chances to guess every day. Players are all guessing this one at the same time, and the game has naturally become a pursuit and motivation for many players. However, because only one word is guessed, it means that players only need to spend a few minutes and cannot continue to explore in this game, which makes the game less enjoyable for players, and also leads to some players in this game, insisting not too long.


Overall, I think this is a very simple and sincere game, and players who like charades should definitely try it.

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Editor's Reviews

The Description of Wordle!

Bearing the same title of the recently super popular word game that goes viral on social media, this mobile game is provided by FatCat Studios Ltd. and released in 2018. While the more recent “Wordle” game is published by New York Times, FatCat Studios is a new game maker that is started by college students. Therefore, this game is still in its developing stage. Players can download it on App Store and Google Play for completely free. As a word puzzle game, Wordle! combines word-hunting with spelling bee and it adopts a very straightforward game progress mechanism. The aim of the game is to build as many words as one can in the given time of each level. Correct word-building solves puzzles and brings rewarding scores to players.  The game is progressed when players move from one stage to another. There are quite a lot of stages in the current game. Each stage introduces a thematic focus on certain topic instead of random words. The control of the game is completely designed for mobile devices and therefore very simple and intuitive. Players only need to swipe up and down or right and right, to drag letters all over the interface to build a correct word. There is currently no limit on the length of the words and each newly built word earns players certain score.


App Store Performance

Wordle! is generally well received on major app stores. It has been installed for over 1,000,000 times on Google Play which gives it an average rating of 4.2 out of 5. On iOS, it is rated even higher at 4.5 out of 5. Avenirsoft. org also rates the app at 4.2 out of 5.


Pros and Cons:


1. This game is light and fast-paced. It is very suitable for players to get bite-size brain training on the go.

2. It is entertaining and educational with a very reasonable difficulty level.

3. Simple and straightforward gameplay and control.

4. Players can enjoy the game while listening to music on other apps such as Spotify.

5. Reasonable amount of ads that are not so intrusive.



1. The contents and stages of the game can be further expanded.

2. More mechanism can be introduced to the rewarding system(scoring rules).

3. There are occasional technical glitches.


Game Reviews

With the growing popularity of the recent word game Wordle, there is no doubt that there are many spin-offs popping up on the market these days. However, this mobile game is a different one even if it uses a title that is exactly the same. Developed and released by a starting game-making studio, this mobile game is making quite a success considering the size of developer. The game is neither pretentious nor fancy in its design and mechanism. Instead, it takes a theme-based leveling up approach with a straightforward game rewarding system. The genre of the game is of course word puzzle. Although there are many other word puzzlers on the market, this one receives its positive feedback mostly because of the simple and user-friendly feature. These days, many word puzzle games are made increasingly hard. Although those games adopt similar mechanism, yet the core playability of such games lies in its difficulty. If a word game gets unrealistically hard, it would intimidate many players. This game has no such problem and it strikes a good balance between relaxing entertainment and challenging brain training. It incorporates simpler and harder words into its levels with specific topics. And this allows players to gain a sense of reward and challenge at the same time. Another good reason why it is liked by many players is the reasonable in-game ads. Unlike many other free mobile games where ads are often distracting and intrusive, Wordle! only contains a moderate amount of short ads. This greatly improves the gaming experience according to many players. Indeed, as a game that is still growing, there should be more contents and twists in its future updates. Players also expect an improved scoring mechanism being introduced to this game. 

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