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DEVOLOPER: Niantic, Inc.
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Pokémon GO is a location-based augmented reality smartphone game developed and operated by Niantic and licensed by Nintendo and The Pokémon Company. Since July 2016, Pokémon GO has been released on both iOS and Android platforms. Players use the virtual world as a platform to capture, fight, train, and trade Pokémon. The game adopts the mechanism of free publishing and paid props. The gameplay of Pokémon GO is not very similar to the orthodox works of the series. Players need to capture Pokémon in the game world and train them.


The diversity and originality of the game attract many players. When the cartoons were launched, Pokémon GO also accumulated a large number of fans, laying a good fan base. Pets restore their original features and make innovations, such as some meeg sprites, which some games did not have at the time. There is also a pile of games made by a series of APPs such as Baidu. At the same time, this is a card game, focusing on collection and growth. It also attracts some old players of the card growth category. There is also a diversity of activities during the festival, and the atmosphere is very active. Here the game also made me meet some net friends. There are no trolls here, and you can enjoy a harmonious environment. There are also many options in the game as well. The game covers almost all the content of the original anime, including hundreds of sprites, lottery functions, and so on. And even a home function, where players can interact, help each other, and help players to plant or water, and drive the troublemakers away from each other.


Barriers to entry the game for players are low, and the game content is very good. First of all, to play Pokemon Go, people do not need to buy a handheld, no need to buy a cassette, or even a flashcard, just a mobile phone that can connect to the Internet. Cut out the knowledge of handhelds and games, it is very easy to get started. In addition, although the game currently only contains 150 PMs in the first generation (Super Dream exists in the legend, there should be no fantasy), it has included new attributes (evil, immortal, steel) added later and the corresponding restraint relationship. There are Steel-type Magneto and Fairy-type Pippi Fat Ding. Although there are no evil spirits, they have evil skills. Although the combat power of elves can be simply described by CP values, each elf also has different individual values, as well as hidden attributes such as attack and defense. When you join a certain game faction, the faction boss can provide the service of estimating the individual value of the elves. At high levels, the differences in combat power between different elves will gradually increase. Moreover, the PM skills in the game are divided into general skills and big moves, which enhance the player's experience. Similar to fighting games, you need to use small moves to save gas before zooming in. Different big moves have different gas consumption and power. For example, the flame radiation power of 55 consumes half of the gas, and the earthquake power of 100 consumes the whole pipe. Pokémon may acquire the same skills as the main series, and elves of the same species usually carry different skills. There are also settings for attribute restraint and the same bonus of this attribute in the game, but the invalid attribute is changed to ineffective (electricity can hit the ground, ordinary and ghost can hit each other, but the effect is not good). There are three types of combat operations: small moves, enlarged moves, and big moves that dodge enemy AI sprites and allow switching sprites. Although it is simple, due to the restraint of attributes, it is also very interesting to fight, and you can experience the thrill of a very cool show operation with the elf switching.


To talk about the shortcomings, it must say that this game is not actually AR in the true sense. In essence, it is to put a 3D model of the PM in the 2D image captured by your camera. This leads to the fact that the actual picture effect of the game will not be as good as the advertised AR effect. PM floating in the air is not a problem at all, it is like sticking in front of your camera, and there is no possibility of interaction between the model and the real scene. For real AR, you can refer to the effect of Microsoft's HoloLens. Therefore, this game is still a long way from the real AR technology, and it mainly depends on the player's active brain supplement.


In a word, I have to say that the playability of Pokémon GO is still very high, and it is enough to be called a masterpiece depending on the excellent quality of the game itself and the gameplay mechanism of the game

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Editor's Reviews

As a world-renowned Japanese anime, Pokémon launched its game version of Pokémon Go, which also receives huge popularity around the world. In the game, players can collect Pokémon and battle with other Pokémon trainers online. You can explore the world in the game with other players globally. The game is a huge hit in the world and has achieved more than 1 billion downloads, selected as the “Editor’s Choice” and “Best Mobile Game”. The game has 15,135,453 reviews of 4.3 stars out of 5 on Google Play. The graphics of the game is amazing, featuring familiar and cute Pokémon characters originating from the anime work.


Pokémon Go is such a great game that it enjoys a good reputation among players. It is so popular for the following reasons. First of all, despite being a game adapted from a famous Japanese anime, the game doesn’t set high standards for players to play. It is free for all players and provides in-app purchases. It is compatible with both Android and iOS systems without occupying too much storage room on devices. Moreover, Wherever you are, you always have a chance to discover Pokémon in your neighborhood. You can collect Pokémon to fulfill your list called Pokédex. Start an exciting journey with your Pokémon buddy and strengthen their power along the way as well as gain more rewards. You can engage in gym battles and build a team with other players to catch Pokémon boss in raids. Furthermore, players can gain a sense of achievement by collecting all kinds of Pokémon. Finally, unlike other digital games that let players remain indoors to play, Pokémon Go asks players to go outdoors in order to catch Pokémon.


Yet, though Pokémon Go is a great game, it still has some limitations. For example, the game is specially optimized for mobile phones while tablets and other devices might be unable to access the game. Also, to play the game outdoor, GPS capabilities and internet connections are required. In addition, sometimes players may find it impossible to find any Pokémon in their neighborhood and have to go to places far away, which is quite inconvenient. Next, there is a bug in terms of the signing out. Once players sign out accidentally, it might be the case that the whole account would be gone completely. Furthermore, there are some cheaters in the game, making the game unfair. Finally, the game gradually persuades players to pay for Pokéball instead of encouraging them to seek Pokémon outdoors.


In sum, Pokémon Go is fun and amazing to play, providing players all around the world immersive experience exactly from the classic Japanese anime Pokémon. Its anime’s huge fan base worldwide guarantees the game great popularity in the first place, and it keeps attracting players to join with interesting and engaging gameplay. The interactive attribute of the game that allows players to compete with trainers anywhere adds to the fun of the game. However, the game still has some limitations due to its features. For example, because the catching of Pokémon needs GPS and internet connection, a lack of both conditions makes it impossible for players to continue to play. Also, there are some bugs mentioned by players and some unfair conduct in the game wait for developers and the support team to solve. Moreover, the game is somewhat profit-driven and makes it increasingly harder for players to catch Pokémon without spending money. Regardless of all these flaws, Pokémon Go is recommended to Pokémon fans due to its interesting story background and powerful gameplay support.

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February 22,02

I love this Game!!!
6 1


February 24,02

actually i am the biggest pokemon fan. i have every pokemon battle figure
7 1

john palucho

March 29,03

I'm a the bigist fan!!!
5 3


November 06,11

I am the biggest pokemon fan ever! i have 4 pikachu plushies and like a whole card collection thats like 20k dollars totoal
2 1

blueninja dog 2.0

January 14,01

I need this game!
2 1
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