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The Description of Schoology

Schoology is an official mobile app of the online distance learning platform Schoology.com. It is available on both iOS and Android released by Schoology, Inc. This app incorporates a full-package of features and functions its website offers and serves as a go-to mobile solution to enhance home teaching/learning effects in a more flexible, efficient and engaging way.  Teachers, schooling participants, students and parents can take advantage of a wide range of teaching-learning resources on the app. From regular schooling activities such as class attendance, participation, organization and homework assignments, to more interactive functions, this app is packed with strong and practical features that promote a rewarding, interactive and effective online education experience.

App Store Performance

This app receives mixed rating results on different App platforms. On Google Play, it is rated at 2 out 5 from 41,942 users and has been downloaded over 5,000,000 times. On App Store, its rating is even lower at only 1.3 out of 5 by 109,100 users. However, on GetApp.com, Schoology receives a positive 4.4 out of 5 and it is given 7.4/10 on Trustradius.

Schoology Pros and Cons


1. Schoology is truly a multi-functional online learning tool that covers and integrates each key step and aspect in teaching and learning process. It provides a resourceful and user-friendly platform to facilitate a smoother distance TL experience.

2. It helps educators to better organize their classes, coordinate and share with colleagues and school districts as well as the global e-learning community. It also connects them closer to their students through timely class feedback and performance assessment.

3. The platform is powerful in terms of managing various TL activities with plenty of flexibility and personalized features, which creates a more student-centered teaching mode and promotes individual participation in online education.  

4. Strong statistical analysis capacity helps generate reliable feedback and appraisals on students’ learning effect and academic performance.

5. Highly interactive and collaboration-oriented online education atmosphere. As a global online TL platform, it connects educators and learners locally and globally. Teachers can easily collaborate with colleagues virtually across the globe and students are highly encouraged to engage in class discussions and interaction with others.   


1. The app is likely to collapse during home-learning peak time, especially in those stressful pandemic months where all in-person schooling events are turned online.  

2. There are some organizational issues on the interface of the app which would cause hiccups in submitting assignments or searching for certain course materials.

3. The notification feature could be further optimized for important tasks and events that users are likely to miss out.

4. The folders and arrangements of files can be confusing and out of order.


Schoology Reviews

Schoology has a generally high capacity to handle large teaching and learning related demands with a cluster of features attached to the app. It also integrates useful external apps and tools into its base platform with good accessibility and collaboration. For education providers, this app together with its website facilitates seamlessly smooth teaching activities, involving class preparation, curriculum design and management, organizational matters and students assessments. For students, it offers a wide range of access to learning resources; besides, the management features help students fulfill their learning tasks efficiently and timely with personalized assistance and learning support. Therefore, this Schoology is a relatively and time-tested tool, particularly in times of global pandemic when the sudden soaring demand for distance education raises the bar of technical capacity for platforms alike. That being said, Schoology still has a number of competitive rivalry platforms such as Google Class that many users find as a more matured alternative for Schoology whose programing and interface designs still have plenty of rooms for improvement and upgrades. Besides, although the app has mixed reviews and rating on different platforms, it should be noted that some of the lower ratings might be intentionally made by pupils whose decisions were not entirely based on the app performance. 

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Editor's Reviews

The Description of Schoology

Schoology is a teaching and learning solution for both students and teachers, especially in times of the pandemic. As a student, you can manage your class information, do and submit your assignments, and engage in class discussions with the help of Schoology. It provides students and teachers with the possibility to continue teaching and learning remotely without worrying about the risk of being infected by a virus. It is free to register accounts for students.

Schoology App Store Performance

Schoology has 42,142 reviews in the Google Play store with 2.0 stars out of 5. In Appgrooves, it has 153.8k ratings with 1.5 stars out of 5, along with over 154k reviews and over 5 million downloads. It has 109.9k ratings on the App Store with 1.3 stars out of 5. Regarding the statistics offered above, it can be concluded that though Schoology is quite popular among users in different app stores, it receives poor recognition from users. In the following section, we will analyze why Schoology could be popular among but poorly received by users.

Schoology Pros and Cons


1. Allows students to have academic experience anywhere.

2. Save resources of papers with the use of electronic documents.

3. Ensure an interactive discussion among students.

4. Keep students’ curriculum and assignments well-organized

5. Become well-informed in class information



1. Not user-friendly for teachers to use due to its low efficiency in managing files and courses.

2. Have constant bugs like the app will freeze for 10 seconds when uploading photos.

3. The interface is not user-friendly and users’ views might be blocked.

4. Inconvenient for users to log in to their accounts on new devices.

Schoology Reviews

Under the special circumstance of Covid-19, the appearance of online teaching tools like Schoology is really in need. Schoology makes it possible for teachers and students to teach and have classes at home and create a space in which they can communicate with each other smoothly. Students can access classroom and curriculum information, manage their assignments, and submit their tasks in time on this app. Moreover, the app allows students to have an interactive discussions with their peers freely. From teachers’ perspective, Schoology offers them a platform to upload their courseware and files in order to carry out classes in a more organized manner. With the assistance of this app, lesser substantial resources like papers are required in order to educate students due to the digitalization of teaching materials and assignments. It ensures teachers and students that they can have classes wherever they are regardless of the impact of the pandemic. However, Schoology has so far received shockingly low ratings from its users in all kinds of app stores. As for the reason why, first of all, based on the feedback of some teachers, the app is not really designed for the use of teachers because it is inefficient for them to manage their teaching materials and communicate with their students on this app. Secondly, in certain cases, users can’t have a full view of the interface and the pop-ups out of the inconsideration of developers. Finally, the app causes quite a lot of trouble for users who want to log in to their accounts on new devices. In sum, though Schoology is a useful education tool for the purpose of serving teachers and students, the support team and developers should continue to refer to the feedback from its users in order to improve the quality of the app, making it more user-friendly with fewer bugs but more efficiency. Only in this way, can the app ensure long-term development and popularity among its users.

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