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The Description of DiDi-Rider

DiDi-Rider is a mobility technology platform that first hit the market in June 2012. Its services cover Asia Pacific, Latin America, Africa, Central Asia, and Russia. DiDi-Rider provides a variety of travel services such as online car-hailing, taxi-hailing, chauffeur-driven, and ride-hailing, and operates car clothing, takeaway, freight, and financial services.


App Store Performance

On the iOS platform, as of now, Uber - Request has 1,366 reviews and a score of 4.4 out of 5. Uber - Request has ‎691,378 reviews on Android. Scored 4.4 out of 5.


DiDi-Rider Pros and Cons


1. There are many preferential activities. Passengers can take a driver for free occasionally, or take at half price from time to time, which is also a good experience.

2. When using DiDi-Rider, passengers can experience different models of cars every time. They can have a basic understanding of the appearance, interior, and comfort of each model of car.

3. A part-time driver may be an expert in various industries, a CEO, a manager, maybe a 20-year-old shareholder may be a business expert. You can learn all kinds of knowledge you don't know by talking with each other while you are taking that car.

4. DiDi-Rider's business is very extensive, and customers have many choices. DiDi-Rider provides a variety of travel services such as online car-hailing, taxi-hailing, chauffeur-driven, and ride-hailing.



1. The relatively high rate of novice drivers may be the reason for the latest promotion. Most drivers are not familiar with the road.

2. Didi's discounts are simply playing tricks. For example, the $10 Didi gift package is divided into n pieces, and then n pieces are special coupons (all full discounts), 1-2 airport special coupons

3. Sometimes no one takes the order after waiting for a long time, and it clearly shows that there are many cars nearby.


DiDi-Rider Reviews

Didi's interface is not very high-end, but he has carried out a lot of business, giving passengers more choices, including ride-hailing, express, taxi, special car, chauffeur, test drive, and so on. And operate car clothing, takeaway, freight, financial services.


From the operating mechanism, I think it is relatively more inclined to protect the driver. Because Didi uses a model in which passengers issue orders and drivers grab orders, drivers will know where customers are going in advance, so drivers will have a lot of choices. The driver can also directly add the toll to the carpooling passengers when billing. Unlike Uber, the driver can only ask the passengers verbally.


DiDi-Rider's complaint mechanism is unreasonable. I feel like complaining about a product or service to such a company is a waste of life. It is common for drivers to take a detour unintentionally.I encountered on the DiDi-Rider taxi before when I took a taxi home from the airport at night. The driver misread my destination and drove more than ten kilometers in the opposite direction. After I found out, he tried to drop me halfway and asked me to take a taxi again in the early morning. The cost is nearly 50 yuan more than the normal journey, and an ordinary trip ends up breaking up in the end. Although I emphasized that I have written it clearly, letting her see the text description and the background itinerary is still ineffective and needs to be described again; moreover, after I wasted time describing, the customer service did not give me accurate feedback, only told me: " We will follow up the investigation and give a reasonable solution later."


Didi's marketing activities also occur frequently, although the amount of coupons is relatively small, and the incentives are relatively small. Since there are often coupons, rides on DiDi-Rider are generally cheaper more often than not. However, DiDi-Rider will not give information feedback to passengers in the background after the trip. From this APP platform, customers can find very little information, only the departure time, starting and ending point, travel cost, vehicle type, and driver's surname formed in history. In addition, DiDi-Rider has launched a carpooling business in areas with high demand.

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Editor's Reviews

The Description of DiDi-Rider

DiDi Rider is a transportation and navigation app with which you can call taxis at your convenience. DiDi Rider has so far expanded its business to Asia, Australia, and Latin America. To start using this app, first of all, you need to download it and register an account. Then, preset a route for a trip by defining your starting point and destination. Once the driver accepts your order, you can find the information of the driver and the car for your reference. Meanwhile, the route and the estimated amount of time that may be spent on this route will be displayed. Once arriving your destination, you can pay your bill via the app without cash. It is noted that the app contains in-app ads.


DiDi-Rider App Store Performance

DiDi-Rider has 715,094 reviews in the Google Play store with 4.2 stars out of 5. In Appgrooves, it has 734.4k ratings with 4.2 stars out of 5, along with over 734k reviews and over 50 million downloads. It has 20.3k ratings on the App Store with 4.9 stars out of 5. As a navigation app of a Chinese origin, it is not easy for DiDi Rider to have such popularity and comparatively high scores overseas. 


DiDi-Rider Pros and Cons


1. Take a taxi at the fingertip, no need to stand on the street to call a driver to stop.

2. Make an appointment in advance.

3. Visualized routes in case of taking a detour without acknowledgment.

4. More economical compared with other similar apps.



1. Limited options of currencies for payment.

2. Unable to tip the driver sometimes.

3. Sometimes it may require cash if the electronic payments are not working.

4. Unable to contact customer service.

5. Easy to cancel a trip by mistakenly hitting on the screen.

6. Display in-app ads.


DiDi-Rider Reviews

As a transportation app of a Chinese origin, it is not easy for DiDi Rider to reach its current achievements overseas. This app provides users with opportunities to order a trip without bothering to go outside on the street to ask for cars passing by to stop. You can simply order a trip with a car still far away and tell the driver to come to pick you up. No matter whether you know the route to your destination or not, you can directly see the way the driver takes on the screen. It saves you from bringing cash with you all the time since the payment can be done with a credit card on this app. The most attractive feature of it is that it is more economical than other similar apps for customers. Yet, even though DiDi Rider does have a variety of advantages worth compliments, there are still some problems existing in the app. For example, the online payment function supports only very limited options of currencies. Next, sometimes, users might be unable to tip their favorite drivers, resulting in embarrassing situations for both customers and drivers. Moreover, users can’t reach the customer service team when they come across problems. In addition, sometimes, the online payment doesn’t work at all, which adds to more trouble for users who don’t bring cash. Furthermore, users might accidentally cancel a trip when they hit on the screen of their phones. Finally, the app contains in-app ads that might affect the user experience. Despite all the drawbacks mentioned above, DiDi Rider is a comparatively useful tool that offers users great convenience and saves them a lot of time and energy. The app is recommended to those who need to frequently call taxis to go on short trips and those who don’t like to carry cash.

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