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LinkedIn: Jobs & Business News

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The Description of LinkedIn: Jobs & Business News

LinkedIn: Jobs &Business News is a social networking app with career, profession and business orientation. Users can leverage the interactive and networking advantages of the platform to seek job opportunities, build professional connections and obtain inspirational business information.  It integrates job seeking and information search functions with a strong social media feature. Users can get more interactive experience when looking for a job or business opportunities.

App Store Performance

LinkedIn: Jobs & Business News has been labeled as Editor’s Choice on Google Play and received a 4.3 out of 5 rating by 2,361,212 users. It has been downloaded for over 100 million times. On App Store, it sees a 4.2 out 5 star while downyen.com rates it positively at 4.8 out of 5.

LinkedIn: Jobs & Business News Pros and Cons


1. LinkedIn: Jobs & Business News is best known for its strong capacity and potential for social networking. It’s social media oriented community atmosphere encourages users to actively get involved in online inquiring, sharing, advising and exchange. Those highly interactive activities create a positive dynamic for career seekers to discover unexpected opportunities.

2. It connects employers, industry opinion leaders, job seekers and various professionals together in a flat and equal online community. This provides numerous valuable resources and opportunities.

3. It can incorporates each stage of a potentially successful job application into a social networking process, which is more personalized, communicative than conventional hiring platforms.

4. The mobile app better facilitates the on-the-go users’ career needs with a social media-like approach.

5. Users can not only find job opportunities and build business connections, they are also learning and gaining up-to-date information and insights from the business circle.


1. Unlike conventional job-searching app, LinkedIn incorporates many other functions and operates more like a social media/network. Some users may find those features are not straightforward enough for a plain job application.

2. The interface is not well organized with easy to control categories, which makes job finders somehow struggling in setting their personalized contents.

3. Some occasional bugs such as unstable chatting/message windows that tend to collapse at times.

LinkedIn: Jobs & Business News reviews

LinkedIn: Jobs & Business News is a popular and well-received app for its extensive range of functions. It is a good combination of many career-related features with strong networking focus. Its main strength lies in the smooth and active communication dynamic among members in its massive global business community, which is the engine for limitless interactions, opportunities, and insights. This app is connection-based, which means users who either intend to look for a job or obtain information of their interests, take their first step to connect with others. With the help of the app, users can easily build connection with potential hirers, fellow professionals within or outside their own fields from all around the world. Apart from those conventional functions that other job searching apps also provide, LinkedIn offers its users more opportunities to get to know the companies, industries and personnel through individual interactions and community reviews, which enables you to gain multiple perspectives on your career and dream jobs. Through personal exchanges, more hidden and unexpected opportunities would pop up, not to mention that users are already provided with a wide range of position listings in various types of jobs. On top of that, users can improve their career profiles and prospects on this platform because networking inspires improvement and increases the chances to better match your qualifications with suitable job options. Displaying your professional profile to the community members and the public enhances your visibility as well.

That being said, some users would still find this app more comprehensive than they need it to be. In other words, LinkedIn is both valued and criticized for its social media feature. Some users might find it very useful while others are more used to a straightforward job-seeking procedure. Either way, this platform is still contributing practical offers, interesting contents and sometimes serendipities to the global business community.

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Editor's Reviews

The Description of LinkedIn: Jobs & Business News

LinkedIn: Jobs & Business News is a networking tool specially designed and developed for professionals in expansive areas. Users in this app can enjoy a variety of useful functions varying from building up a career network, and hunting for jobs, to developing business with other companies and individuals. You will be able to connect with industry leaders and open your eyes by learning from the professional experiences of excellent and outstanding professionals. Moreover, you can edit your profile page to let others know you better and impress employers with rich professional experiences. Applying for jobs on LinkedIn is easy with high efficiency, starting from searching with keywords and filters, submitting your resumes, and finally, receiving a response from HR, all can be done in one app. To start your professional journey on LinkedIn, you need to make connections by sending a connection invitation first. With the expansion of your network, you will find a pool of resources at your disposal. Finally, you can also keep yourself informed of the most up-to-date news in your industry by viewing the posts of your contacts. The app contains ads and in-app purchases.


LinkedIn: Jobs & Business News App Store Performance

LinkedIn: Job & Business News has 2,328,159 reviews in the Google Play store with 4.3 stars out of 5. In Appgrooves, it has 2.5 million ratings with 4.3 stars out of 5, along with over 2 million reviews and over 1 billion downloads. It has 69k ratings on the App Store with 4.3 stars out of 5. This app is a phenomenal career and job-related app featuring up to 1 billion downloads, which is a huge success. It also has comparatively high scores in terms of its ratings in the mainstream app stores. It is rewarded with the “Editors’ Choice” Award.


LinkedIn: Jobs & Business News Pros and Cons


1. Able to search for jobs with filters and apply for them.

2. Build up a network in your own industry and socialize yourself.

3. Edit your professional profile to impress others.

4. Develop business with potential partners.

5. Gain professional insights into your specialized industry by viewing up-to-date news.



1. Job information is not accurate.

2. Has bugs in payment method.

3. Not user-friendly enough due to some bugs related to profile editing.

4. Contains ads.

5. Contains in-app purchases.

6. Weekly and monthly limitations in searching and connecting.


LinkedIn: Jobs & Business News Reviews

LinkedIn is a prerequisite for companies who want to expand their business with the least cost. Meanwhile, for individual users, it also provides them with a perfect platform to seek jobs and get to know the company by viewing the homepage. On LinkedIn, you can expand your social and professional network, connect with industry leaders and learn the most updated news from them. Also, you can utilize the job hunting function of the app, key in relevant words, and select several filters to find suitable job posts with enough information offered for your reference. Moreover, by editing your professional profile, you have a chance to have a full review of your past experiences. By comparing with others, you can have a profound reflection on yourself regarding your ability and future career path. Though LinkedIn has some bugs to fix, along with in-app ads and purchases that might result in distraction and financial costs, LinkedIn is a powerful business tool for navigating users in their professional exploration. The app is recommended to business developers to expand their business connections, as well as those individuals who want to improve themselves by acquiring better opportunities via this app.

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