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The Description of Securly Home

Securly is an app working as a monitor of children’s school devices for parents to supervise the activities of their children on those devices. It offers online safety solutions to more than 15k schools, saving parents and teachers a lot of trouble worrying about children’s mental health. The app help children to manage their time in a more reasonable way with the supervision of their parents and parents can rest assured. The app offers a real-time feed of children’s activities and if there is any improper content viewed or the children spend too much time playing on the school devices, parents pause the connection of the internet whenever and wherever they want.


App Store Performance

Securly has 568 reviews in the Google Play store and a review of 4.6 stars out of 5. In Appgrooves, it has 4.6 stars out of 5 by 1.6k users and over 2k reviews, and 100k downloads. In APKFab, it is rated as 9.4 stars out of 10 by 34 users. The app is currently not available on iOS APP stores. Due to the small sample of users on those app stores, though the app has got comparatively high scores from users, it is still hard to say whether the app is really satisfying or not.


Securly Home Pros and Cons


1. Real-time feed of children’s activity online.

2. Able to pause the internet whenever and wherever.

3. Able to check the view history.

4. Block specific websites.

5. Contact the support team with the chatbot.



1. Need to download an extra app in order to use the app service.

2. No real person is available when using the chatbot.

3. Blocked websites can still be accessed.

4. Can be used with school devices only.


Securly Home Reviews 

Securly offers free service to parent users to help their children to focus more on their learning rather than playing with the school devices back home. They have cooperated with over 15k schools. It keeps parents informed of the activities of their children and better controls their behaviors when they spend excessive time playing or when they access unhealthy content on the internet. The major features of Securly Home are as follows.


First of all, by using Securly Home, parents can control the activity of their children on their devices in ways of site blocking, filtering, and screen time monitoring. Secondly, parents can be aware of the real-time activities of their children, to block the improper content if they find any. Thirdly, they can personalize their rules for monitoring. Fourthly, they can schedule the available period of online activity for children. Finally, parents can be notified of special situations and suspicious activities by their children like self-harm and being bullied by others.


In conclusion, parents who use Securly Home can save their time bothering their children which might result in feelings of resistance of their children towards them. They can also offer children help if they need any via the app. They can view the search and view history of children with specific dates and times, and control the time of use of those devices for their children. Regardless of its occasional glitches like the inability to block websites completely, the app is a great assistant for parents in helping their children to achieve better academic performance at school and form healthier living habits with self-discipline. It is a useful app with good intention and educational meaning that is worth promoting among schools and parents. Hope that in the future, the app could cooperate with more schools for better student outcomes.

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Editor's Reviews

The Description of Securely Home

Offered by Securely Home Inc., Securely Home is a mobile parenting tool for parents to better manage and supervise the Internet activities and time of their children on the school-owned electronic devices both at school and back home.

This app connects parents and their school age children better in this digital era and helps to create a highly personalized and safe internet environment for children on connected devices. Securely Home allows parents to stay informed of their children’s online activities and browsing contents. The mobile app enables parents to check and view such data on their own connected devices anywhere and anytime. Or, the app can generate weekly reports regarding to children’s online activities and relevant statistics and regularly updates people with such reports so they can keep track and remain assured. Besides, parents can make full use of the customization features of this app. This involves a number of aspects that parents can make a difference. First, parents can control the Internet connection hours and time slots for their children’s devices. It is possible to directly schedule a Internet “switch on” or “turn off” via this app so that their kids can better stay mindful and concentrated on different things throughout the day. Apart from that, parents can set user-tailored filters to better control the contents and sites their children could browse, furthering making sure to block inappropriate contents popping up during children’s screen time either at home or at school. What’s more, this app also supports a real-time updates on children’s online activities and parents can receive important notifications, especially those worrying ones. Securely Home allows users to sync information and date from device to device, which facilities both sides of parents and other adult caregivers to share information and stay aware of the updates of children.


App Store Performance

Securely home receives a 4.6 out of 5 rating on several app platforms including App Store, Google Play and Justuseapp.com. It has been downloaded over 100,000 times on Android platform and it is accepted by more than 15,000 schools.


Securely Home Pros and Cons


1. Securely Home is very easy to download and set up to connect users’ devices.

2. This app integrates very practical and important functions to assist parents digitally and stay aware of their children’s online activities.

3. It is available in several languages and caters to a larger potential user group.

4. Securely home allows for high level of customization, making parenting flexible.



1. There might be lagging issues and delayed real-time online activities updates.

2. Weekly reports sometimes are not properly sent to the linked email. Or sometimes the reports are incomplete.

3. Other technical malfunctioning and errors. Including server bugs.

4. Inadequate in-app service and troubleshooting feature doesn’t always work.


Securely Home Reviews

This app certainly is well meaning and catering to the much-concerned aspect of parenting. With the help of Securely Home, parents can at least to some degree have less uncertain worries regarding to the browsing contents and screen time of their children, particularly in today’s internet age. They can set up specific filters and time schedule for Internet use and maintain a balanced study, work and relax time for their children. They can not only obtain the information and data of their kids directly on the app, they can also directly control certain features of internet using for their children. This is a kind of relief, especially for parents who cannot always stay with their children. However, there are still certain technical issues that need to be fixed soon so the app can fully exert its functions and hopefully truly makes parents’ life a little easier. 

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