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DEVOLOPER: Sole Retriever LLC
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The Description of Sole Retriever

Sneaker website Sole Retriever has launched a Sole Retriever app. It was founded in 2018, merged and relaunched in late 2019. It's a one-stop shop for sneaker lovers. It provides sweepstakes, releases, news and more for all sneakers on sale, as well as original content centered around sneaker collections, and helps customers secure all the latest advertised upcoming sneakers. The Sole Retriever company brings every aspect of its website to mobile devices to enhance the user's buying experience.


App Store Performance

Sole Retriever has 266 reviews in Google Play store and a review of 3.9 stars out of 5. In US Apple App store it has 4.6 stars rating. There are 947 ratings received in iOS App store. In appgrooves, it has 1K+ reviews and a review of 4.5 stars out of 5.


Sole Retriever Pros and Cons


1. Supports real-time, personalized notifications

2. Provide global sneaker sweepstakes and release information

3. Keep users informed and discover the latest sneaker price drops

4. Support sweepstakes tracking custom sweepstakes filtering function


1. System crashes

2. Too many reminder notifications, affecting users' lives

3. Users must pay to use

Sole Retriever Reviews

Sole Retriever is a free-to-download sneaker shopping app. It creates the most simple, organized and user-friendly app for every sneaker lover. It mines sneaker draws and releases from around the world, providing users with convenience to experience retail sneaker releases. Users can browse the latest sweepstakes and information about each upcoming price drop posted.


But users need to pay $4.99 per month for in-app purchases. It enables users to search and register for sneaker sweepstakes with fewer steps. New users simply add their information to their profile, and the system automatically populates the sweepstakes selected by patrons without having to re-enter the same details each time. That means its autofill feature gets users into sweepstakes quickly. Users simply save your profile, choose a draw, and let autofill handle the heavy lifting. Autofill will work on all eligible sweepstakes and will be improved and updated all the time. The Sole Retriever app really brings economic benefits and shopping convenience to users. Entering sweepstakes has never been easier or faster.


Sole Retriever also has the function of filtering the lottery by region, all of which are for users to have a better chance of winning. Users can subscribe to a sneaker of interest and customize whether to set reminders before being notified when the app publishes a new sweepstakes. This way users will stay up to date with all our official announcements and be the first to know about the latest deals and be the ones who can steal the goods fast. Sole Retrieve also provides information on whether the retailer will be shipping sneakers and if the sweepstakes is over. Users can also enjoy real-time replenishment alerts from top sneaker and streetwear sites when items are out of stock. Sole Retriever also keeps track of the sweepstakes users have entered and past sweepstakes records. This will make it easier for users to review their own lottery draws and never forget the lottery activities they participated in. Once the draw is complete, users can mark it as entered with a flick of a finger. Additionally, in Sole Retriever's latest, detailed and easy-to-use in-app calendar, users can keep track of all the hottest upcoming sneakers. In this way, users will not miss any of their favorite trendy new products. Users can also see the transaction price for a specific model of sneaker when viewing it. As a nostalgic user who loves classic sneakers, he can time travel and search for any previous sneaker version covered in the app with just a few taps. Everything is very easy.


If you are a fan of sneakers or a collector, don't miss this app to discover sneaker raffles and releases from around the world. It creates the most simple, organized and user-friendly design for every loyal user. If you want a few extra pairs of free sneakers every month, don't hesitate and download it now.

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Editor's Reviews

Description of Sole Retriever

Sole Retriever is a service platform for sneaker lovers, which is a one-stop all-in-one application. Sole Retriever offers sneaker release news, various sneaker-related information, and sneaker sweepstakes. Sole Retriever can help customers who are sneaker fanatics get the latest sneaker-related information, and also help some sneaker-related brands to promote their upcoming new products.


The app Sole Retriever is not a free app because the app basically charges a monthly subscription fee of $4.99 per user. After paying the subscription fee, users can effectively enjoy most of the functions of the entire application, including watching the latest information about sports shoes, marketing activities of sports shoes, and various related press conferences, new product launches, etc. This APP fully digs the release information of sports shoes from all over the world, sweepstakes, and related news, allowing users to know the latest and most popular retail sneaker release information in the fastest and best way. Users can also browse the latest sweepstakes and every upcoming sweepstake, they have created the easiest, most organized, and very friendly app for every sneaker lover.


APP Store Performance

Relevant data shows that Sole Retriever has a score of 4.7 in the iOS Store app store, and the number of downloads exceeds 10 million. And Sole Retriever has always enjoyed a relatively high ranking and popularity in the app store.


Sole Retriever Pros and Cons


1. The information about sports shoes provided by this APP is very urgent, keeping up with various activities of different brands.

2. Its services are all-around and one-stop. Users can not only see relevant news information but also subscribe to some sports shoes on it.

3. The settings of the APP are very reasonable, and the powerful and convenient retrieval function helps players to better grasp the relevant information.



1. This service is not free, and he needs to charge users a certain subscription fee, ranging from 4.99 to 11.99 per month to automatically renew the subscription fee.


Sole Retriever Reviews

The App Store provides users with the most real-time, personalized sneaker-related notifications. Users will receive platform-related notifications when new sweepstakes are released. This way, users can be the first or the first to know about the latest deals and grab the latest sneakers. And they can keep abreast of all the official announcements related to sneakers. Moreover, the lottery activities provided in this APP are also very attractive. The lottery on this platform can provide detailed information about the exact area type and unlocking method, allowing users to quickly retrieve information that suits them, without wasting time. Users can check their eligibility for sweepstakes by setting up their own personalized filters. This APP will also automatically hide the lottery activities that the user has already participated in, or the lottery activities that have been closed, so it is very considerate and thoughtful, which can greatly save the user's time in seeking information.


If the user participates in the lottery activity, there are also relevant records in this APP, and the user can check the lottery record at any time. This way, users won't forget that they've already participated in the event. After completing the lottery, users only need to tap their fingers to mark their logo as participating. After the winning information is announced, users can come back and continue to view where they left off. These very thoughtful and thoughtful designs save users a lot of time and energy and help customers to check and retrieve some information more efficiently. Not only that, these sneaker-loving users can also provide support for other sneaker lovers from a practical perspective by interacting with other users, sharing information with each other, and sharing post-purchase evaluations. And it is also a social activity in itself, making people who share common interests become friends.

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