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The Description of Google Earth

Google is not only the boss in the field of the Internet, but also a leader in the geographic information field expanding to no borders.

Google Earth is a virtual globe application developed by Google, which renders satellite images and aerial photography as well as geographic information system into a three-dimensional model of the earth, enabling users to control this three-dimensional globe to explore the whole Earth and enjoy the scenery of the world from different angles by simply entering the location on the mobile phone or sliding the screen of the smart devices.

As one of the most reputable and widely used GIS applications, it allows users to travel anywhere in the world without leaving home simply by viewing Google Earth’s satellite images, 3D buildings, street view, etc. Supporting both coordinate or address inputting searches and allowing exploration like turning a real globe, Google Earth covers more than 97% of the world with detailed images, making it a tool not only for navigating or finding places, but also an eye-opening way to see the world from your smart device alone.

In addition to the basic but comprehensive geographic information functions, Google Earth also thoughtfully provides users with many novel and practical features. For example, just by switching the viewing angle, users can switch to a three-dimensional globe of the moon or Mars or even a vast expanse of starry sky to be the assistance in better understanding Earth’s position in space and interesting information about other planets known to mankind.


App Store Performance

In general, Google Earth sees a positive market performance on various app platforms. Google Earth has so far received 2.9 million reviews on Google Play and has been given a rating of 4.3 stars out of 5. Google Earth, which has been downloaded more than 100 million times worldwide on Google Play, is also ranked as the 5th highest among numerous free travel&local apps. Meanwhile, Google Earth is recognized by users with 4.1 stars out of 5 together with 32.7k ratings on the App Store.


Google Earth Pros and Cons


1. The 3D images and data displayed by Google Earth are updated in real time with the changes of the real world and keep pace with the times, which maximally ensures the timeliness and accuracy of Google Earth as a major professional platform for providing geographic information.

2. When exploring the Earth on Google Earth, users can pinpoint the precise location of every layer of sunken ships or volcanoes, which is very professional and authoritative.

3. Google Earth also records the changes in the geographical environment from the past to the present, such as the different states of glaciers over the past 30 years, so that users can view and study.

4. Google Earth has a very detailed and powerful user interface, so users can easily use it to achieve scientific research, navigation, education and other purposes.



1. Google Earth’s high-quality three-dimensional images often require high-bandwidth or high-performance equipment to make it normally work.

2. Some of the world’s smaller towns and cities are not covered or updated in real time by Google Earth.


Google Earth Reviews

In terms of actual use experience, Google Earth is a virtual globe software, which allows you to see the various topographical features of the earth and even other planets from the perspective of the universe without leaving your home, but also to precisely dive into any street and browse the different architectural styles of buildings through infinite zoom. In the app, users can explore a wealth of geographic locations without boundaries, while easily accessing a wide range of topographic data and coordinates. With such powerful and rich functions, Google Earth is undoubtedly supported and favored by a large number of users from the fields of education, real estate, construction, geology, geomorphology and ecology and so on. In addition to being able to explore the infinite world by tilting, rotating, and zooming in and out of the three-dimensional Earth on the screen, users will also be able to be social on this three-dimensional Earth. Google Earth allows you to add a personalized landmark to a location of interest and save it to share with other friends.

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Editor's Reviews

The Description of Google Earth

Google Earth is an animation tool featuring advanced 3D technology and satellite imagery that can help you to explore every single corner of the world freely and in a more visualized way. Can you imagine how excited you will be when you find the exact spot of your home on Google Earth? Or you are reminiscent of a place where you used to visit but have not been there for years? Are you curious about some spots that you are going to visit in the future? With Google Earth, you can realize all your plans and check all the remote places with your mobile phone. Supported by a massive store of data, varying from geographic information to specific buildings, Google Earth will render you accurate information and image of the place you are looking for within seconds. The app even features a series of tools for users to utilize on the interface so as to have a further grasp of the place. You can personalize Google Earth by leaving your placemarks on locations and building your own project for later reference. Even lines and shapes can be drawn directly on the map. You can further customize the app by uploading photos and videos to certain spots to enrich the contextual information as well as adjust the view settings to meet your personal preferences. With the assistance of tools like Google Docs, you can share with others all over the world your personal story in the form of presentations.


App Store Performance

On Google Play, Google Earth has been rated 4.3 stars out of 5. It has received 2.9 million reviews and has been installed more than one hundred million times. On App Store, the app is ranked 13th on the list of applications for travel and has received 4.2 stars out of 5 together with 32.7K ratings.


Google Earth Pros and Cons


1. With Google Earth, users can explore every detail of the earth sitting at home.

2. Users can find the place they are looking for within seconds once the address is inputted.

3. A panorama view can be rendered for users to explore the street views or the building.

4. Users can embark on a virtual tour with the best storytellers to explore the earth.

5. The map can be customized with editing tools.



1. The time-lapse and the missing timeline of the app make it impossible for users to view the street view of the past without manually hunting it down.

2. The information on the map is not updated enough, with some specific areas and addresses being outdated.


Google Earth Reviews 

Google Earth is definitely a great tool for the planet and geography lovers to explore the details of the earth and they will find it extremely fun to find certain places they are familiar with appearing on the map with 3D animation and a panorama view. The app is recommended for users who are obsessed with this kind of information and who love to explore the world. Though the app is still buggy, its flaws can not outrun its advantages. The app provides you with endless chances to explore the earth and enables you to find the places you love with a panorama view. With the company of the most famous storytellers worldwide, you can enjoy a guided tour without charge to virtually travel across the globe, through which experiences you will immerse yourself in exotic cultures and gain new perspectives looking at the rest of the world. Ultimately, Google Earth is compatible with a wide variety of digital devices, including mobile phones and desktops.

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