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The Description of Lyst: Shop Fashion Brands

Lyst: Shop Fashion Brands is a mobile tool for the fashion shopping search website. This app is available on both iOS and Android and it integrates the features of the shopping website in this light and small-sized free app. Users can browse through a large variety of fashionable items based on their personal preference and corresponding recommendations; they can also use the app to stay informed of the most trendy in-styles and draw inspirations from fashion-savvy influencers and experts. More importantly, just like the website, the app gathers up practical information on the items of your interest, so that users can stay updated for the latest offers, inventory status, price changes etc.

App Store Performance

Lyst: Shop Fashion Brands receives positive ratings in App Store and Google Play. However the download number is quite low comparing to other shopping apps.  Only 500,000 users installed this app from google Play which sees a 4.4 out of 5 rating with only 197 participants; App Store sees a higher number of votes. 864 users rated the app at 4.7 out 5 stars, and it ranks at 117th place in its category.

Lyst: Shop Fashion Brands Pros and Cons


1. This app is light and small sized, yet it covers a wide range of selections for fashion items and products from around the world, covering over 12,000 bands and their latest new arrivals and releases.

2. Users can highly customized their shopping experience by setting their own preferences in many aspects, including styles, designs, sizes and price ranges etc. The app can make potential recommendations based on their browsing history, wishlist, previous purchases and personalized settings. This allows consumers to receive less distractive information that they might not be interested in.

3. This app also regularly keep users undated and aware of the current fashion trends and favorites. In-colors and designs, hot items and professional fashion tips will inspire users in their own shopping tastes and experience.

4. Real-time tracking of item prices, inventory change, and the latest deals available. This makes sure customers to not miss any offers and good deals, or pay more than they need to get their favorite fashion items.


1. There can be delayed updates on the item information, such as invalid promotion codes, ended deals and special offers etc.

2. Sometimes, the personalized recommendation may not meet the users’ expectation or can be rather out of their price range.

3. In some regions, the price tag info is incomplete with hidden shipping cost or other fees excluded, which causes confusions or returns of goods.

4. The filter may malfunction on some devices where certain features are not properly displayed or triggering errors.


Lyst: Shop Fashion brands Reviews

Lyst: Shop Fashion brands is a lite shopping app for fashion lovers. It has relatively large options for customers to browse through and select from. The app allows users to set their own fashion preferences and makes suggestions accordingly. Its algorithm also automatically predicts and recommends potentially attractive items for users and further personalized their fashion shopping experience. Besides, it also integrates shopping with fashion learning experience, which promotes both customers and the platform mutually. Users can acquire practical, fresh and inspirational fashion ideas from the app, and use those ideas to make purchase decisions directly on the app, which saves time and energy than random browsing. Apart from that, fashion products can be costly if you miss out a major sale or limited deal. However, subscribing to the app would allow you always stay on track of those price drops and rises, as much as the unexpected discounts, with a simple setting in the notification.

Overall, the app receives an Ok customer feedback and the user number is not particularly large compared to other major shopping platforms. Although the app incorporates with practical functions, those features are not exclusive enough for a fashion shopping app. Users may find this app replaceable, especially when technical errors pop up. 

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Editor's Reviews

The Description of Lyst: Shop Fashion Brands

Lyst is a shopping app specially developed for the fashion industry. By using this app, users can find the trendiest fashion items from over 12k world-renowned brands. There are a variety of functions available for users to select fashion items in a more convenient and efficient manner. The app allows users to search their target items and make comparisons between similar items with different features and prices. The search function is quite powerful, along with many useful feature filters. By comparing those items, you will be able to find the best solution, including the prices and shipping methods. Also, you can be informed of your target items by saving them in your wish list. Once there is any update, you can react to it at once, like a discount or low stock situation. Finally, the app will provide you with the latest trend of cult pieces to ensure you become a qualified fashion lover.

Lyst: Shop Fashion Brands Performance

Lyst has 276 reviews in the Google Play store with 4.2 stars out of 5. In Appgrooves, Lyst has 35.1k ratings with 4.8 stars out of 5, along with over 35k reviews and over 500k downloads. The app is currently not available in APP Store. Based on the previous data, it is easy to see that Lyst for now still receives limited attention from the public. The strange thing is, there is a great difference between the number of reviews of it on Google Play and that on Appgrooves. Thus, the support team and developers of the app should figure out a way to improve the performance of the app on Google Plays.

Lyst: Shop Fashion Brands Pros and Cons


1. Keep users informed of the latest trend worldwide.

2. Able to shop fashion items at your fingertips.

3. Allows users to make comparisons between different fashion items in terms of prices, features, etc.

4. Make your customized favorite list of fashion items.

5. Offer you daily fashion inspirations.

6. Stay alert to the update on discounts or low stock.



1. No advanced filters are available for Android users.

2. Pop-ups disturb the shopping experience of users.

3. Notifications of certain items direct to other products.

4. No options of currency.

5. Not enough information was offered about the items.

Lyst: Shop Fashion Brands Reviews

Lyst is a useful fashion brand shopping app that users can take great advantage of to keep themselves updated on the latest fashion trends as well as first-hand information on discounts and low stock. Users can compare different fashion items to make a wise choice. Also, you can save your favorite items and wait for their discount. A variety of filters are available for users to use when searching for target fashion items. So far, the app receives a limited number of reviews from users on Google Play. In contrast, it receives much more attention from users on Appgrooves. Therefore, the support team and developers of the app should figure out why there is such a huge difference in terms of App store performance. When it comes to the disadvantages of the app, to begin with, some users find no advanced filters available for them to use. What’s more, there are too many ads in the app that might disturb the shopping experience of users. Furthermore, though it is claimed that the notification function will keep users informed of certain items, it turns out that the notification doesn’t direct to the right item at all. Lastly, there are no options of other currencies available except dollars. Overall, the app provides fashion lovers with the most updated news about the fashion trend and it is recommended to those fashion lovers.

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