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Editor's Reviews

Boss Life 3D is a free casual mobile game and a very realistic simulation game, which was launched by the company Alphabetus. In this game, players can take on the role of the boss, walk into the office, and do various jobs and make decisions for the boss. Boss can also enjoy his lives outside of work. For example, you can choose to hire different types of employees, play tricks on employees, and throw their resumes in a shredder when interviewing new employees. Compared with the daily life of a worker, you can experience how happy the boss's day is here.


First of all, "Boss Life 3D" introduces a variety of gameplays such as selection, shooting, puzzle, simulation, reaction, etc., and combines a variety of interactive forms with the boss's daily leisure life to create a fun, casual, and educational game experience. Here you need to choose suitable employees according to the salary requirements, work efficiency, and working hours on the resume. You can also use paper balls to wake up those employees who are fishing during working hours. Occasionally, you need to use coffee machines and fresh milk to make them for employees. A delicious drink. In comparition with the daily 996 workers, the bosses enjoy life more in their daily lives. When you work hard for performance, the boss will choose to trick you; when your performance is exciting, the boss will also reward you. Even recruiting and interviewing people has become the boss's joy of life. Compared with sending a resume and hoping to get a job opportunity, the happiness of holding the Daquan to control the life and death of the interviewee is stronger.


Personally, I think that this game has also given us a lot of inspiration in life and work. There are many new charms and ways to play that you can choose from step by step. As a player, if you successfully complete various challenges and seize the opportunity of the game, it will bring you a lot of sense of accomplishment. The simple operation will bring you absolute excitement and more visual charm. From the experience, "Boss Life 3D" is a casual mobile game with the theme of being a boss that integrates many game plays. It caters to the public's thirst for knowledge in the daily life of successful people so that more ordinary users can experience the life of the so-called boss and successful people according to their ideas. I think this alone is enough to conquer the vast majority of ordinary users.


However, as a 3D game, it must be emphasized that the scene of this game still needs to be improved. "Boss Life 3D" adopts the popular 3D art style in terms of art. Whether it is the scene of the game or the shape of the characters, it presents a standard European and American style. The rough and crazy lines are very realistic, but the characters and scenes are lacking. depict. This may not have too much impact on the player's game experience, but I think it is very painful for players who have high requirements for game graphics. In addition to the styling settings, this game also adopts the high-brightness and high-saturation settings that are popular in Europe and the United States. With the help of strong and bright colors, it brings players a strong color visual experience, but I have to say that if I play this game After playing for a long time, I will feel very dizzy. I guess other players feel similar to me.


To sum up, I think, if you want to experience the daily life of the boss, if you are a fan of multi-play games, and if you have a soft spot for 3D simulation experience games, then please don't miss this "Boss Life3D".

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Editor's Reviews

Boss Life 3D is a strategy game in which players will play the role of a boss to manage the whole company and its staff. Your goal is to make a balance between your company’s business and your relationship with your subordinates. In the game, you can either hire or fire people whenever you like and supervise their working performance of them. When they get lazy, you are also the one who is responsible for reminding them to continue to work. Instead of being a strict boss all the time, you are supposed to treat your subordinates in a friendly way, such as making pranks on them or acting generously by shooting them with money. The game is a good getaway for players who in real life have suffered too much pressure from their work. Boss Life 3D now has 29,512 reviews with 4.2 stars out of 5 on Google Play. It contains in-game ads and is recommended to players at or above 12 years old. Then what are the pros and cons of the game?


As for the advantages of the game, first of all, it gives players the right to manage the whole company and their subordinates to a great extent. Players as bosses, on the one hand, will supervise the daily working performance of those staff in order to make sure that they are doing their duties and helping the company to make profits; on the other hand, they also need to ensure that they maintain a good relationship with their subordinates. What’s more, they also need to manage the human resources of the company. That is to say, they are responsible for employing qualified staff to work for the company and sometimes they also need to fire those staff with poor performance. Secondly, it offers players emotional comforts because it offers them a chance to experience being bosses and ordering others. In real life, those players might be ordinary salarymen or women who work hard and have to obey the rules of their own company. In contrast, in the game, they don’t need to worry about if they will make mistakes in their work or not because now they are the ones who make decisions and supervise others. In addition, as a strategy game, it challenges players' IQ in terms of asking players to balance the company’s profit and the relationship with subordinates. Finally, the design of the graphics and characters of the game is pleasing and colorful, providing players with visual entertainment.


Though Boss Life 3D is praised for being a fun game, it still receives some negative feedback from some of the players. To begin with, the in-game ads are rather annoying because they appear almost after every completion of a level. Secondly, the game doesn’t offer players a clearly explained entry instruction at the beginning of the game, so sometimes players might be confused about what they are supposed to do. Finally, though players can have a great experience being a boss in the game when they go back to their real life, it might become even harder for them to accept reality. Therefore, the game seems like a method for players to escape from the reality temporally.


Since both pros and cons of the game have been illustrated, we can come to the conclusion that Boss Life 3D is a challenging and interesting game offering players experiences of being a boss and managing the whole company and staff. Yet, there are too many ads in the game, causing problems for players to completely enjoy the gameplay process.

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justyn :?

July 17,07

i love this game it,s like a dream of me in real life do this game like I,M SO HAPPY!
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August 15,08

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March 29,03

This best gamme
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