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The Description of Duolingo: language lessons

Duolingo: language lessons has long been a top online language learning app with the highest download numbers in its category. It is available on iOS and Android free of charge with in-app purchase options. The app is best known for its fun, beginner-friendly and effective learning styles, as well as its free accessibility to about 40 languages spoken across the globe, including even a few fictional language such as Klingon in Star Trek series.

App Store Performance

Duolingo: language lessons receives generally very positive ratings in various platforms, which corresponds to its well-established No.1 reputation. On App Store, it has been rated by 1.4 million users at 4.7 out of 5 stars and it is also labeled as Editor’s Choice; on Google Play, it has been installed over 100 million times with a 4.5 out of 5 rating by 11.985 million users. EXPERTE.com rates the app from multiple dimensions at a 4.3 out of 5 average performance.  

Duolingo: language lessons Pros and Cons


1. Duolingo offers a large selection of up to 40 languages for learners to choose from, and the access to the learning contents are completely free.

2. The learning process is professionally designed by linguistic experts with scientific and pedagogy basis.

3. The interface and app design are extremely user-friendly with simple and vivid color scheme and cute characters and icons. It is easy to navigate through the tabs and sections with no complications.

4. The learning sessions are short-and-sweet but highly efficient. It is very ideal for beginners and learners with short attention span.

5. Relaxing and engaging styles make your language learning like a game.

6. Rich contents that covers each key aspects of language mastery.

7. Incentives and rewards help learners stay longer on the learning path.

8. Interactive atmosphere where users can follow up language buddies around the world and challenge each other on the real-time raking chart.


1. All most all of the language courses are catering to English-speaking users (with only three exceptions), which means non-English speakers or users with limited English ability may benefit less from the app.

2. It is a more beginner-oriented app and advanced learners may find it not sufficient to further improvement.

3. The paid upgrade version Duolingo Plus does not offer price-convincing extra perks and exclusive contents.

Duolingo: language lessons Reviews

Duolingo: language lessons meets the expectations for its long-standing high popularity and remarks. It is by far the most easy-to-follow education app for language learning in my opinion. First, it is completely free even though it offers a premium version that charges. Yet Duolingo Plus does not block essential learning contents from regular users, or offer exclusively necessary features without which learners would learn less. Plus, the free version often offers time-limited free trials for Duolingo Plus throughout the learning progress, which helps users to know better about the premium features before they make purchase decisions. More importantly, what makes Duolingo successful is its entertaining feature, which makes language learning less intimidating and much more approachable for zero-level beginners. By unlocking each skill trees and pass through each checkpoint, users can improve while having the fun of playing games. At the same time, the learning method is time-tested with linguistics basis, which makes sure your time is well-spent and effectively-spent on Duolingo app. Its game-like design can hardly make learners notice the grinding practice of vocabularies, grammars and phrases; instead, it uses various fun incentives and rewards to encourage a bite-size yet long-term oriented learning habit.

Indeed, like many other online-language apps, the most obvious limitation is the real systemic coverage of grammar and language application, where more intensive and extensive training are necessary. Even though Duolingo is constantly trying to incorporate more comprehensive and challenging contents for advanced learners, sometimes it is still hard to cater to learners of all levels. That being said, I do not think this is necessarily a downside for this app, because each app should have its own unique focus and target user groups. Duolingo is absolutely an ideal and reliable option for beginners and it does not need to do everything and go everywhere to please more advanced users, who in my opinion, should seek other approaches to improve in the first place. 

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Editor's Reviews

The Description of Duolingo: Language Lessons

Duolingo is one of the most famous language learning apps in the world. It boasts a massive number of downloads and features over 35 languages for users to learn, each language curriculum is divided into bite-sized sections. With the use of Duolingo, users can not only have more chances to practice their target languages in ways of speaking and reading but also writing and listening. It will help you build your target language vocabulary and enhance your grammar skills. This app is designed and developed by experts in the language learning field, meeting popularity among language learners worldwide. Learners can start a real conversation using foreign languages on this app. No matter what kind of learning purpose you have, you will master the language efficiently.

Duolingo: Language Lessons App Store Performance

Duolingo has 12,302,247 reviews in the Google Play store with 4.6 stars out of 5. In Appgrooves, it has 13.9 million ratings with 4.6 stars out of 5, along with over 14 million reviews and over 100 million downloads. It has 1.4 million ratings on the App Store with 4.7 stars out of 5. According to the data, we can easily see that Duolingo is a huge success as a language learning app. It not only received phenomenal popularity around the world but also high recognition from users. It is rewarded with the “Editors’ Choice” Award.

Duolingo: Language Lessons Pros and Cons


1. Intriguing bite-sized lessons make learners feel in the mid of gameplay.

2. Interesting characters help you practice your language skills.

3. Scientific teaching method.

4. Keep a record of your learning progress.

5. A large community of language lovers.



1. Too many ads.

2. Some of the lessons are beyond the level of language learners.

3. Incorrect answers to questions.

4. Users who can’t correct their mistakes can’t continue learning until they correct their mistakes.


Duolingo: Language Lessons Reviews

Duolingo is a phenomenal education app taking the world by storm. It meets great popularity and high recognition from its users. Users can choose from over 35 foreign languages to start their learning journey and enjoy bite-sized lessons based on scientific methodologies. It allows users to practice their language skills by starting real conversations, building up their vocabulary, listening, and writing. There will be fun characters interacting with you so that the learning process would be more interesting. The app will track your learning progress for you to see the improvement. Moreover, on Duolingo, you will find a global community of language lovers with whom you can exchange opinions and inspirations over the language learning journey. Though it can’t be denied that Duolingo is a huge success compared with other similar language learning apps, it still has some innate flaws that disappoint its users. For instance, the ads-riddled content discomforts users during their learning, distracting them from the learning to some extent. Also, there is an issue concerning the level of users. On the one hand, some learners may find that the lessons are beyond their actual levels. On the other hand, others may find it impossible for them to change to a higher level when they want to. In addition, some of the questions are with incorrect answers. Overall, the app is recommended to those who want to improve their language skills but lack a chance to practice in real life. It is a useful tool for them to build up vocabulary despite some of its drawbacks. Lastly, the app contains in-app purchases, so users should think it through before they decide to purchase any paid content from the app.

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July 25,07

You really do learn a lot with this I’d say it’s the best language lessons I have ever tried I really have learned a lot in French Spanish Danish German Chinese Japanese it’s a good lessons
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