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The Description of Airbnb

Airbnb is an application released by Airbnb, Inc. that allows users to search for accommodation options from around the world. It aims to connect users with people around the world who have spaces such as rental homes. It's a trusted community that makes things easier, faster, and more convenient. Meanwhile, any user can list their rental space on Airbnb so others can search and discover those products. From local B&Bs to urban apartments, users will find every style of accommodation they want. Users can rest assured that Airbnb is a free app to download and use, and that the information users find are legitimate.


App Store Performance

Airbnb has 1,248,056 reviews in Google Play store and a review of 4.5 stars out of 5. In US Apple App store it has 4.8 stars rating and ranked as #7 in Travel. There are 556.8K ratings received in iOS App store. In Amazon Store, it has 999 reviews and a review of 4 stars out of 5.


Airbnb Pros and Cons


1. Airbnb is an app that is easy to navigate and use

2. Clear room photos and credible reviews inside the app give users a true impression of their goals

3. A free app

4. Find millions of places to stay


1. There may be cases where you can't find a place to rent in a small town

2. There are many advertisements

Airbnb Reviews

When people are staying away for a week or even a month, booking a hotel room or visiting someone else's house is not an ideal way to go. At this time, Airbnb will be the first choice for people. Airbnb is the go-to app for people to book affordable and authentic accommodation when they travel. Its users can find and judge what they are looking for by referring to the reviews in the app. For the most part, those comments are accurate. Users, whether as landlords or renters, can find what they want. For example, users want to find a rental place where they can stay for a week to a month. Because, renting a house in Airbnb for a period is much cheaper than staying in a hotel, and you don’t have to bother friends for a long time. Arguably, Airbnb makes things easier, faster, and more convenient.


In Airbnb, some hosts rent out part or extra of their home to some tourists, so that the renter can find a place to stay at a cheaper price, and at the same time, the host can make money from them. Airbnb provides great support for hosts and renters to help each other meet each other's needs.


On Airbnb's home page, users can see how to navigate to search, profile, messages, and travel history options. It enables a user's potential landlord or tenant to view a user's profile to determine if they are suitable for forming a rental relationship. But users can rest assured that Airbnb will protect users’ privacy and provide a secure messenger service to set up arrangements until users themselves are ready and agree to exchange real information. Airbnb's message can help tenants know more quickly if their space reservation has been rejected by the host, which allows users to find their final space more efficiently, and at the same time, it allows hosts to be able to find their final space at any time without affecting their daily lives. Manage all their tenants from anywhere.


Airbnb serves as a platform to help people find places to rent here, be it for vacation, business travel, or any other need. Hotels and hostels are very expensive for longer stays and they charge you daily so it's not a good deal. But Airbnb is an effective and important rental tool for both traveling renters and hosts. Landlords can easily manage their tenants' bookings from anywhere, and at the same time, tenants can find the homes they want at affordable prices right at their fingertips with photos and reviews of landlords and other tenants. Airbnb is a place where people can find other people's homes. In this way, users can save their money and enjoy a very decent place to stay when they can easily find a place to rent. Therefore, Airbnb is great for people who are traveling long-term or have a spare home they want to rent out.

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Editor's Reviews

Description of Airbnb 

Airbnb provides a variety of accommodation services, allowing you to rent a bed or even a villa in someone else's home when you travel abroad. For travelers, the accommodation problem can be solved on the move, and this application also combines the SNS function. With the popularity of homestays, the audience of homestays continues to increase, and homestay platforms are inseparable from the launch and booking of homestays. Although there are only a handful of homestay booking platforms on the market, the more famous one is Airbnb. As a homestay booking platform that originated in the United States, Airbnb has always taken a high-feeling and high-style route. In the eyes of many users, Airbnb is a sweet pastry. However, due to the differences in the cultural background, usage, and language habits of some countries, and the lack of localization, they are occasionally complained about by landlords and users in some countries.


This app offers both travelers and hosts a great opportunity to use their resources wisely. First of all, landlords can send their house information through this APP, and users can also use this APP to inquire about related homestays and make reservations on this APP.


APP Store Performance

It is said that the APP's services cover more than 65,000 cities in 191 countries, and the market is very extensive. In the APP Store, this app has a rating of 4.8, with ‎561,209 reviews, and it is very popular. · ‎


Airbnb Pros and Cons

1. This APP has a very wide range of services and can be used all over the world, especially in Europe and the United States, its housing resources are still very rich.

2. Its platform interface is very convenient, players can search for different regions and prices to get the best match.



1. There is no way for passengers to book a room in this APP, which is inconvenient for those passengers who need to be invoiced.

2. In terms of price, the price of homestays on this platform is generally higher.


Airbnb Review

Two categories of users use Airbnb, one is the host group, and the other is the user group. For landlords, if your house is an overseas listing or your target users are overseas users, Airbnb will be the best choice. After all, Airbnb’s overseas user base is still very large. Of course, the quality of foreigners is also uneven, which also requires the landlord to be psychologically prepared. From the perspective of tenants, if you plan to go to Europe and the United States to play, from the perspective of the number of overseas listings, booking homestays on Airbnb is a good choice. Because Airbnb has many options and a large range. But it should be noted that Airbnb does not provide a quick entry for invoicing, which is inconvenient for tenants who need invoices. In addition, from the price comparison point of view, the overall price of Airbnb is higher, which is also worth noting.


Airbnb is not the first short-term rental team, but they have successfully broadened the market and cultivated user habits. The reason should be that Airbnb rents directly from individual landlords without going through a third party. To a certain extent, this can ensure the personal safety of tourists to communicate directly with the landlord, which is convenient and fast and ensures the timeliness of communication. From an economical point of view, renting a room here will be cheaper than a hotel of the same grade. Here, tourists are fortunate enough to make friends in different places and expand their network resources. In the future, Airbnb may add multiple layers of guarantees in the selection of landlords and the safety of tenants.


Airbnb's slogan is 'We imagine a world where you can belong anywhere' We want the world to be within your reach. This also just validates my point of view that excellent products can not only meet human needs, but more importantly, the core values of products are to help others. Of course, no business is not to make money, but they are making money. How to share and give will also be considered. Today, I opened Airbnb again and found that Airbnb is transforming. Its ambition is not only on the accommodation issue. Its purpose is to transform into a travel service platform and integrate more industrial chain resources.

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February 23,02

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