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The Description of Topgolf

Topgolf App was developed and released by Topgolf USA, Inc. in 2018, as an integrating part of the Topgolf sports entertainment services. Customers can download this mobile app as a tool for many practical online functions such as booking the nearest Topgolf locations, checking time schedules and logistic information as well as dining menu etc. The tool makes it easier and more controllable for you to better plan your Topgolf schedules.  

App Store Performance

Topgolf is not a massively downloaded App given its function as an online tool for offline service, which is available in selective countries and cities. It has been installed more than 500,000 times in Google Play and receives 4.8 out of 5 star rating; meanwhile in App Store and Justuseapp.com, it has been highly rated at 4.9 out 5. Although the download and rating times are relatively small, its App store performance is very positive based on the statistics shown.

App Pros and Cons


1. This app is an up-to-date mobile tool designed specifically for offline service and experience. It is well targeted on market with specific functions and clear purposes.

2. It incorporates and displays the essential functionalities of the physical Topgolf facilities in a simple and user-friendly way.

3. Highly pragmatic information is provided with quick and easy accessibility to users who can check opening hours, location and distances, waiting hours etc in no time, which makes event preparation and group activity plans much less stressful.

4. Newly integrated functions and limited perks offered exclusively in the APP. Customers can gain more gaming benefits by using the App more frequently.

5. Saving time and energy in making reservations and topping up accounts with a totally digitalized trouble-less procedure.


1. There are plenty of room of improvements for the App programming to catch up. Bugs need to be fixed more frequently.

2. There are misinformation on the locations of Tofgolf nearby and the users sometimes cannot modify the locations.

3. Occasionally, the records of past games, personal history and stats are not updated in real-time and sometimes severe delays may also occur.

4. Users receive constant error messages while navigating through the App.

5. Customers sometimes have problems making reservations during certain hours or in some locations.

6. Users cannot automatically save the account info and password on the devices.  

App Reviews

Topgolf App is generally a helper for its offline customers and frequent goers. It is not complicated to use and the functions and contents on the App are precisely categorized with specific and clear tags. The most important feature is the practical information users can check anytime and anywhere when they are on a whim to kick a few golf sessions or seriously plan for a Topgolf events with their friends. Having all the essential information ready at hand is useful and makes your Topgolf day go smoothly and trouble freely.  It also integrates a very time-saving feature and allows a group of people to vote to decide a meeting time and schedule, which makes the decision-making process a lot faster and less fussy. Although reservation-making is not mandatory in Topgolf locations, yet it is highly recommended for customers to make one, especially when they arrive in group or certain time slots. Online-booking function on the App saves you from waiting in line for a walk-in reservation. Plus, you can also keep track of the potential waiting hours in real-time updates. Time is precious and the App helps you spend your time wisely on your wonderful gaming experience instead of logistic matters. On top of those, users can easily take a look at the full menu (both food and drinks) provided at the local Topgolf complex. What is more, as a part of the micro-chip incerted technology, the app is connected to your gaming records and stats, which will be fully accessible to you on your devices. You can check your own game history as well as your current ranking on the global leaderboard, which adds more fun and interactive feature to you and your friends’ gaming experience. Besides, the current version of the app also provides limited offers and perks for users who can benefit and get more out of their Topgolf membership.

Overall, if you are a frequent customer of Topgolf, it is definitely recommended that you have this App downloaded on your device as it can saves you so much time and hassle. And of course, casual users can also benefit from those practical functions and offers the App provides. 

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Editor's Reviews

The Description of Topgolf

Topgolf is an assistant sports app specially developed for golf players and lovers and provides you with an enhanced game experience in real life with advanced technology. You can keep a record of your game history and book places to play golf with your friends whenever and wherever you want. Moreover, you can also remotely control the TV. As sports supporting app, Topgolf features a bunch of golf games available for everyone to play. It can also keep players informed of the weather changes and other useful information as well. 

Topgolf Performance

Topgolf has 2970 reviews in the Google Play store with 4.8 stars out of 5. In Appgrooves, it has 30k ratings with 4.9 stars out of 5, along with 30k reviews and over 500k downloads. On App Store, it has 26.9k ratings with 4.9 stars out of 5. It is obvious that the app is more popular among iOS users in comparison with Android users. The support team and developers of Topgolf still need to work hard in order to improve its popularity among Android app stores.

Topgolf Pros and Cons


1. Able to access game history.

2. Easy for players to search for suitable spots and book hours to organize a game.

3. Able to make operations on the membership card value at your fingertips.

4. Work as a TV remote controller and can change channels during the game.

5. Access to a full list of menus.

6. Able to be on the ranking of global golf players.

7. A variety of golf games for players to refer to.


1. Unable to show game history before a certain period.

2. Constant glitches showing players need to contact the support team.

3. Unable to view or double-check the booking history.

Topgolf Reviews

Generally speaking, Topgolf is really a great help for golf players because it saves them a lot of time and energy trying to find a suitable location and book a time slot to play golf with their friends. It provides players with a variety of services, including the recording of game history, the function of booking locations and time slots, keeping track of climate change, controlling TV remotely, and making it possible for players to compete with golf players all around the world. Regarding its app store performance, it is more popular on App Store compared with other Android stores. In terms of its drawbacks, first of all, though it is claimed that the app can be able to keep all records of the game history, in fact, it can only keep a record within a certain period rather than a time duration as long as players want. In addition, some players say that they are unable to use the app at all because it always keeps asking them to contact the support team. Lastly, once a reservation is made, users will be unable to check the booking history twice, which might result in mistakes and disturb the original plan of players. Despite the before-mention weaknesses of the game, we can’t deny that Topgolf thinks in the shoes of users and provides users with strong support in order to ensure them a smooth golf play experience. The advanced technology makes it more convenient for players nowadays to play golf compared to those in the past. Therefore, the app is strongly recommended to golf lovers. Last but not the least, the support team and developers of the app should pay attention to the feedback of users and try their best to improve the app in order to make it perform better and receive more popularity among users all around the world.


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