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DEVOLOPER: Shein Group Ltd
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The Description of SHEIN-Fashion Shopping Online

Shein Group Ltd is an international B2C fast fashion e-commerce company. SHEIN-Fashion Shopping Online is its app that provides the latest and most important trends in fashion and accessories. It was first established in October 2008. The app mainly sells women's clothing, but also offers men's clothing, children's clothing, accessories, shoes, bags and other fashion items. Currently. It has expanded its business internationally and has established and established a reputation in more than 200 countries around the world. It primarily targets Europe, the Americas, Australia and the Middle East, as well as other consumer markets. If users want an app that provides the latest and most important trends in fashion and accessories, then SHEIN-Fashion Shopping Online is a very good choice. In addition to the rapid expansion of the business, its user satisfaction and user stickiness have proved that it provides high-quality products and services to loyal customers.


App Store Performance

SHEIN-Fashion Shopping Online has 3,193,827 reviews in Google Play store and a review of 4.8 stars out of 5. In US Apple App store it has 4.7 stars rating and ranked as #2 in Shopping. There are 670.2K ratings received in iOS App store. In Appgrooves, it has 4M reviews and a review of 4.7 stars out of 5. In Trustpilot, it has 101,709 reviews and a review of 4.0 stars out of 5


SHEIN-Fashion Shopping Online Pros and Cons


1. Users can enjoy an additional 10% discount on the first order

2. User orders will be available with free shipping and free return service

3. Provide functionality of installment interest payment

4. Provide daily limited time-selling services, users can enjoy a maximum of 80% discount experience


1. The customer service is slow, there is a situation where problems cannot be handled in time

2. There is a situation where the application has failed. Product information has been in load

3. There are a lot of garbage product comments

SHEIN-Fashion Shopping Online Reviews

The most important basic functions of SHEIN-Fashion Shopping Online provide information on the hottest and latest fashion trends and popular items for modern women. It includes hot deals or specials with significant discounts. The feature is at the top of the app. This makes it more intuitive and easier for users to search for the clothes they are looking for and to browse the best-selling items that are selling the most.


The search bar at the top of the application of SHEIN-Fashion Shopping Online allows users to conveniently search for clothing. Here, users can enter anything they like in clothing, like boho dresses and cool shirts. User Search also provides the ability to search by category. Users can search by variety and type, including dresses, bottoms, swimwear, beachwear, underwear, shoes, bags, jewelry, stationery, beauty, home and pets, and specials. No matter what users are looking for, they can easily find it.


SHEIN-Fashion Shopping Online also offers items by special occasion or season. During the Christmas period, for example, they sell a lot of winter clothes and clothing such as coats and boots. On Valentine's Day, they feature makeup and lingerie. Users can also search for items by size or body type. Users simply enter their body size, and it will provide all items that fit the user's size. This will help users find the perfect clothes for them very easily.


If users have specific design aesthetic needs, they can rest assured. Because SHEIN-Fashion Shopping Online also provides the function of category by style or trend. There, users can browse items by the style or trend they want, including minimalist chic, elegant chic, street cool, country melody, gothic, and more.


In addition to the excellent features of SHEIN-Fashion Shopping Online, it has features that stand out compared to other fashion shopping apps. The first is its user login experience. The R&D team of the SHEIN app has put time and effort into the user interface and made it seamless and intuitive. This feature has indeed gained a high degree of recognition among users. In SHEIN, users can easily create their accounts without hassle. Secondly, SHEIN also has an extensive customer support program in different parts of the world. It supports the use of multiple languages, including English, Arabic, French, Russian, and Italian. This will facilitate convenient shopping and communication for users in various countries. Finally, SHEIN also provides a variety of payment methods. Users can easily use the payment methods commonly used internationally to buy their goods without the hassle of transferring to some specific payment platforms or banks for payment.


Overall, SHEIN-Fashion Shopping Online is an excellent shopping platform. It provides users with access to all the latest, greatest, and hottest trending items at relatively favorable prices and the fastest delivery times. So, don't hesitate and download SHEIN-Fashion Shopping Online now.

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Editor's Reviews

Description of SHEIN-Fashion Shopping Online

SHEIN is a cross-border fast fashion company founded in 2008 and headquartered in Nanjing, Jiangsu. For 12 years, SheIn has grown up silently, very low-key. SHEIN's main products are clothes, bags, etc. It only has an online store, not an offline store. Shequarian Pleasant, a college student in Georgia, USA, said, I can't stop buying it, and I'm addicted to SheIn. She posted her shopping list on Facebook, which included 16 items totaling $108. Including six plus-size shaper sets, each priced between $6 and $18. Yoga balls, yoga straps, yoga pedal stretchers One of each, the average price is about 5 US dollars. Seven small accessories, the cheapest is only about 1.38 US dollars. Every time when a customer places an order on the online platform, SheIn's products will be sent from the warehouse in Foshan located in Guangdong to a transshipment warehouse near Los Angeles, California, and then mailed to the customer's home via the United States. Of course, the mailing process is lengthy and may take ten days or more. Although the wait time is not short, it is well worth for the customer to get such a stylish item at such a cheaper price. That's why customers love to place orders at SheIn.


APP Store Performance

As a shopping APP, SHEIN-Fashion Shopping Online ranks very high in the app market. It has a rating of 4.7 in the App Store and a total of ‎3,285,432 reviews.


SHEIN-Fashion Shopping Online Pros and Cons


1. The clothes of SHEIN-Fashion Shopping Online are very cheap, many people can afford it

2. SheIn's clothes are richer in styles, colors and patterns are more varied. And the update speed is very fast



1. The logistics and delivery time is relatively long, mainly because the delivery from China is far away from Europe.


SHEIN-Fashion Shopping Online Review

For SHEIN-Fashion Shopping Online, cheap, many choices, and addictive are all the customers' evaluations of this app.And, it's getting faster. In the past month, SheIn has launched an average of 2,000 new styles per day in the women's clothing category alone, including some accessories and old clothes and bags. An HR who was responsible for recruiting SheIn’s photography team told LatePost that SheIn has very high requirements for photographers, and interviews The pass rate is almost 1/100. SheIn hopes that photographers can photograph European and American minimalist styles. With beautiful photos and endless options, SheIn is a place where people can find fulfillment by turning their desires into reality at a low cost.


SheIn's main focus is fast fashion, which can quickly respond to fashion. SheIn, which has no stores and sells completely online, is faster than Zara in every link. Pei Yang, general manager of SheIn Mobile, demonstrated the company's tracking system at an event. SheIn grabbed the products of various clothing retail websites and summed up the current popular colors, price changes, and patterns. Designers and buyers, based on clues collected from various channels, combine elements to design new clothes or contact the factory to see if there are suitable clothes styles that can be produced directly. A SheIn men's clothing buyer told "LatePost" that he would look at the 1688 website every day, watch fashion week and big-name conference videos, and would also investigate offline stores of the same style. , because they can take pictures, general brand stores are more sensitive." SheIn is also a major customer of Google. SheIn is said to have shortened the sample-to-production process from as fast as seven days, seven days less than Zara's fastest. SheIn also judges that the product performs faster and costs less. Without an offline store, SheIn can produce at least 100 pieces of clothing at a time, and decide which styles to order based on consumer purchase feedback.

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