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Uber - Driver: Drive & Deliver

DEVOLOPER: Uber Technologies, Inc.
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The Description of Uber - Driver: Drive & Deliver

Uber - Driver: Drive & Deliver is a popular ride-sharing app from Uber Technologies, Inc. It can be widely used worldwide. Uber's services primarily include ride-sharing, package delivery, freight and electric bikes, food delivery, and e-scooter rental through its partner Lime. In addition, Uber is also a well-established app for users who want to work odd or part-time jobs to earn income. Uber Technologies, Inc. was founded in San Francisco, California in 2009 and now serves more than 900 cities around the world. All users need is an insured car to become an Uber driver and earn extra cash.


App Store Performance

Uber - Driver: Drive & Deliver has 2,611,211 reviews in Google Play store and a review of 4.3 stars out of 5. In US Apple App store it has 4.6 stars rating and ranked as #10 in Business. There are 578K ratings received in iOS App store. In Amazon Story, it has 477 reviews and a review of 3.6 stars out of 5.


Uber - Driver: Drive & Deliver Pros and Cons


1. Uber supports global use

2. Accessible options such as child seats and wheelchairs are available for user rides

3. User-friendly operation for easy registration and payment

4. The user's route is displayed while driving.

5. No tipping in app


1. In special periods, there is a case of skyrocketing pricing

2. Occasional slow application loading

3. For drivers, there will be a lengthy approval process after charging to finally get the money

Uber - Driver: Drive & Deliver Reviews

Uber - Driver: Drive & Deliver is an app that connects driver users with those who need a ride. Ride users order and pay through Uber. Users who are drivers will be paid by Uber based on the length of each ride. At the same time, they also have the option to work on the go and simply turn on driver mode in their Uber app. Once driver users activate Driver Mode, Uber matches them with nearby riders. Of course, the driver can accept or reject passenger requests. When accepting a ride, the driver needs to pick up the passenger and deliver their passenger to the destination.


As a passenger user, simply create a new account before using Uber, or simply log in with Facebook. At the same time, users must also have Uber send them a code via text message to verify their account. The number of options available to riders at Uber is numerous. Users are sure to find a vehicle that fits their needs, such as a vehicle that can carry a wheelchair or child safety seat. Additionally, users can get more information about each ride category by long-pressing the interface.


Uber does a great job of inferring a user's location from GPS data. Users can even move the map to change pickup locations. On the app's interface, there's a pin that shows the estimated time of arrival at the location the user has selected. It is also the button to summon the driver. Uber's fare estimator lets riders enter their destination before requesting a driver, and it can also help users get a rough idea of how much the trip will cost.


When an Uber driver approaches a passenger's location, the passenger can see the driver's location and progress on a map. Additionally, passengers can click to view the name, picture, and make and model of the driver's car for the upcoming driver. Uber also has a reminder feature. It sends a message to the user when the car is 1 minute away from the passenger.


As passengers, they do not know which car will accept their request. But there are also cases where no driver accepts a passenger's request for a ride, or some drivers may cancel the trip before reaching the passenger's destination. In this case, the user only needs to try again and may have different results.


When the driver's car arrives, users can enter and tell the driver a new destination in addition to entering a destination through the app. While driving, users can check their driving progress. In addition, in the case of ride-sharing services, users can also choose to share the fare with other passengers during the trip. Riders who feel uneasy about their trip can also share their ETA with their friends via the Uber app.


When your trip is over, users can pay automatically through the app or manually. At the same time, users do not need to tip the driver. When it's all over, a receipt will appear in the user's inbox. Users can also view the ride history in the Uber app. This is a handy feature for passengers to record the actual cost of their ride.

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Editor's Reviews

The Description of Uber - Driver: Drive & Deliver

Uber-Driver is an online ride-sharing app that connects riders and drivers to provide ride-hailing, rental, and other delivery services. When using the app, passengers can book online first, then see the exact location of the vehicle in real-time, pay the merchant after completing the service, and more. Uber-Driver not only provides a service for passengers to take a ride but also provides some delivery services such as takeaway and express delivery. Users can wait for this service mainly by placing an order on the platform.


It is also very fast and convenient for some drivers to apply for an Uber Driver account. This process is very simple. As long as you have a mobile phone and a set of SIN numbers, follow the steps step by step, and then go through the verification process for a day or two, and you can feel at ease. Hit the road. If you choose to drive food, you need to enter your card information, and then Uber will certify your car insurance. It is worth noting that for those who choose to deliver meals by car, the Uber platform currently charges 25% of the commission, compared to 35% by bicycle or walking, which is considered very conscientious. And then there is another advantage of driving food delivery because Uber Driver is in the category of a personal business tax return when filing tax returns, so the gas money, the cost of driving food delivery such as buying a car, etc., can be used for a tax deduction. So from this perspective, Uber is also very friendly to drivers.


App Store Performance

Uber - Driver: Drive & Deliver has a large number of customers in Asia, Oceania, Europe, and many other countries. On Google Play, this app has a 4.6 rating and ‎2,670,845 reviews. In this way, Uber-Driver's service is still relatively recognized.


Uber - Driver: Drive & Deliver Pros and Cons


1. Uber's product design is minimalist, and the Uber driver registration process is simple.

2. Uber does not need to pay the driver to get off the car. After the driver clicks the end, the user will directly receive an email bill with a detailed list of expenses, which saves the payment step of the Didi taxi



1. The review of drivers is not very strict, resulting in the uneven quality of some drivers


Uber - Driver: Drive & Deliver Reviews

First of all, Uber's dispatch mechanism is very scientific. After a customer sends a car request, Uber does not have an "order grab" mechanism but is driven by data and background to allocate the driver closest to the user, maximizing the use of the current optimal resources, and there is no excess cost. passed on to the user. At the same time, drivers no longer need to check their mobile phones while driving, which improves safety. Uber’s pricing uses a global data model that adjusts based on costs such as per capita income in cities and oil prices. Uber users are no longer selected, and users can order a ride without entering a destination, so drivers can’t “pick orders” based on the proximity of their destination. That is, the passenger is no longer in the position of being selected. Regardless of distance, users can be guaranteed equal access to services.


Plus, Uber provides an emotional connection. Uber founder Travis says Uber’s goal is “to provide a delightful experience,” which means Uber isn’t limited to being the biggest ride-hailing tool: Uber has delivered deliveries; they have new weekly events, ice cream deliveries, Cute cat, etc. Amazon's investment in Uber is also very wise. If Uber can pick up people to the extreme, it can do logistics and deliver anything. Moreover, Uber’s team is short and lean, highly flexible, and has low operating costs. In any city in the world, Uber adopts the "general manager and marketing manager and operations manager", where three-person team elite fighting model. Uber gives teams around the world a very large amount of autonomous authorization, the most direct manifestation of which is in Uber's "add key". The function setting of this key is completely controlled by teams around the world.


Uber will also stop offering some discounts, including car repair fee reductions, cashback at certain gas stations, or discounts on e-bikes at partner stores. From my own experience, I have used the perks, which are discount codes for Uber Drivers. Each issue can be used up to fifteen times in three months, just add the Promo Code to your UberEates account and you can use it. The great thing is that this Promo Code has no usage limit. Even if your meal is only five yuan, you can still get a discount.

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