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Fishbrain - Fishing App

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The Description of Fishbrain

Fishbrain is an application published by Fishbrain for users who like to fish. It contains personal fishing logs, maps and forecasting tools. It provides rich data to help users catch more fish. It details where and when to fish, as well as the baits used to catch them. Users can more efficiently fish where they know there are fish. At its core, Fishbrain is primarily a social app that helps users connect with other anglers. It supports iOS and Android systems. Users can go to Google Play and Apple Store to download.


App Store Performance

Fishbrain has 53,946 reviews in Google Play store and a review of 3.9 stars out of 5. In US Apple App store it has 4.7 stars rating and ranked as #24 in Sports. There are 29.9K ratings received in iOS App store. In Amazon Story, it has 714 reviews and a review of 3.2 stars out of 5. In Appgrooves, it has 4.2 stars rating and 89K reviews. This is an extremely popular fishing app with the largest social network of all fishing apps. More than 3 million anglers use the app, and over a million catches have been recorded since Fishbrain launched.


Fishbrain Pros and Cons


1.Has the largest social networking environment of any phishing app

2.Support viewing catches of other anglers across the country

3.Provides details on where and when the fish are caught, as well as the function of the bait used to catch them

4.Shows a lot of information about local fish, very helpful for inexperienced anglers

with prediction function


1.Program does not have geo-customization capabilities

2.There is a malfunction or is not working properly

3.There are some annoying ads


Fishbrain Reviews


For anglers who have used Fishbrain, no matter how much fishing experience they have, they will need and be happy with this app. It will add some extra useful things to the user's fishing experience, which will help fishing enthusiasts to fish more efficiently and happily. FishBrain is an app that will take users to a whole new level of love and enjoyment of fishing. Fishbrain makes fishing easy, and its personal fishing stats feature allows users to track their fishing performance.


The Fishbrain app helps every angler discover new fishing spots, which will give anglers the opportunity to catch more fish than they would otherwise. You can spend hours staring at your tackle box trying to determine the best bait for your target species and current conditions, but Fishbrain also offers bait and lure advice. It helps users determine the best bait for their target species and current conditions, primarily by consulting other anglers' experiences recorded through their own app.


Fishbrain enables users to connect with other anglers, mainly among anglers in the user's area. Users can chat and share tips and, more interestingly, their favorite secret fishing holes. Additionally, users can record their fishing trips so they can review their fishing skills and experience. Because the weather greatly affects the behavior and movement of fish. While Fishbrain provides users with the latest weather data, it also provides information and advice on origin and bait for more than 130 species of fish. Additionally, Fishidy can track other anglers. Users can easily know what more professional anglers are currently using, or what your friends are interested in catching. This is very helpful for the user's fishing motivation.


Most anglers who try Fishidy are very satisfied with the product and already use it regularly. If you are a fishing enthusiast, don't miss this useful app. Fishbrain runs on most smartphones, tablets, and your desktop, and can be downloaded from Google Play and the Apple Store.

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Editor's Reviews

Description of Fishbrain

This APP is a mobile application from Sweden. Its main purpose is to create a dedicated social platform for fishing enthusiasts. This APP fully integrates and utilizes the rich information of its community in a way of sub-crowdsourcing to assist users in analyzing the best place for fishing, or the most suitable bait for a certain type of fish. For example, this APP will integrate information such as wind speed, wind direction, air humidity, temperature, etc. to serve fishing users.


In addition to analyzing data, the app encourages users to share their fishing trips. Users can upload pictures to share their itineraries and their achievements. This APP currently supports two platforms: ios and Android. It is a completely free application. Later, this APP also launched a new version of the paid application, providing some value-added services. The paid application of this APP provides a more detailed analysis. The analysis based on the rich data in its community allows users to better understand which lake has a higher probability of catching which kind of fish and performs better. This APP is currently the largest platform for fishing enthusiasts in the industry in the United States. According to the data of this APP, there are at least 40 million fishing enthusiasts in the United States. They spend more than 48 billion yuan on fishing activities every year. , so this APP is also working hard to capture this part of active users.



APP Store Performance

The APP claims to be the world's leading digital fishing information platform, and its mobile application brings together more than 50 million anglers. The rating on the AppStore is 4.0, and it has more than 50,000 reviews.



Fishbrain Pros and Cons


1. This APP provides a wealth of information to help fishing enthusiasts make better choices, choose the best fishing location and fishing time, etc.

2. This APP also provides a very good social platform for fishing enthusiasts, allowing them to share their fishing pictures, videos, etc., to help them meet like-minded people with similar interests



1. This APP requires users to pay a certain fee. If users want to enjoy its value-added services, users need to pay a certain fee.

2. Sometimes there are some ads when people are using the APP to explore something, which is a kind of a waste of time for users.


Fishbrain Review


I think this APP, it provides two very important functions, one is to help fishing enthusiasts to provide relevant fishing information, which contains various geographic information, such as wind speed, wind direction, air temperature, etc., to help anglers go Choose better fishing areas, fishing times, and more. Because some users will also share where they are fishing and what are the results of the fishing, other users can also adjust their strategies based on the experience of others, go to a more suitable location for fishing, or choose one. It is more suitable for fishing time, so he helps anglers make better choices.


In the second aspect, this platform is also a very good social platform, because it provides a platform for anglers to share their own experiences and hobbies, and it allows many anglers to share their photos, video thoughts, etc. Let them get a certain connection through common hobbies, and many people go fishing with unfamiliar netizens, which helps them to expand their social circles. I have a friend who is a very loyal fishing enthusiast. He met more people who like fishing through this APP, and then everyone drove to a certain place to fish together. Therefore, through this APP, he has successfully expanded his social circle and gained happiness and satisfaction from it.

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