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The Description of OkCupid: Online Dating App

OkCupid is a very popular Internet dating app released by OkCupid Company, which was launched in 2004. Here, users let you find matches that match your preferences. User-selectable preferences include gender, age, distance, connections, body size, height, language, orientation, race, religion, political opinions, and more. OkCupid will in turn provide users with a list of people that are more suitable for them. At present, OkCupid users are in more than 110 countries and regions around the world. This level of coverage ensures that the app has a large pool of potential daters, while maximizing the user's chances of finding a match. Best of all, OkCupid is a completely free-to-use app. This provides great help and support for users to find new friends.


App Store Performance

OkCupid: Online Dating App has 516,349 reviews in Google Play store and a review of 3.7 stars out of 5. In US Apple App store it has 4.3 stars rating. There are 216.8K ratings received in iOS App store. In Amazon Story, it has 477 reviews and a review of 3.6 stars out of 5.


OkCupid: Online Dating App Pros and Cons


1. It is highly inclusive of singles of all genders and sexual orientations, offering over 29 sexual orientations and approximately 12 gender identities

2. Has strong compatibility issues to enhance matching

3. Enables users to send and receive texts

4. Match Search is for everyone

5. Premium membership with two levels

6. interesting user interface


1. The free version only offers a limited selection of likes

2. contains ads

3. Low usage in remote areas or small cities

4. Has a history of serious data breaches

5. There is a lot of false information

OkCupid: Online Dating App Reviews

OkCupid allows users to browse and interact with other users. In its search interface, users can view current online users. If the user is interested in the browsed object, the user can also click on the "Like" option. But free users can only view the username, location, and photo of the current browsing user. Of course, users can also communicate by messaging them via their browsed profile pages. It can be said that OkCupid has turned to a more social development direction.


OkCupid also allows users to send their personal introductions to any number of people for free. Meanwhile, users can comment on their photos or reply to sections they've added to their profiles. When a user receives an introduction from a user, OkCupid will immediately remind them through text messages and increase the chance of matching between users. These features do not require any premium subscription. If users want to make friends from other countries, they can change their location to do so. Users can connect to each other regardless of the region. While most of OkCupid's features are completely free to use, it does offer some useful paid features, including eliminating external ads, supporting unlimited likes, being able to see who's interested in you, profile boosts, and more.


Much of OkCupid's matching algorithm is based on the questions users answer in their profiles, but users can also browse the site more casually with a collection of users grouped according to their answers to the questions. So, it will be a natural, intuitive social experience.


Overall, OKCupid is an excellent dating app. Its compatibility rating is very helpful in helping users understand before they encounter other users. This user design allows daters to get to know each other clearly. By answering questions, OKCupid allows users to find other users who have something in common. Plus, OkCupid is the most inclusive dating app. They offer 13 gender identities, 22 sexual orientations, and even allow users to share your favorite pronouns. This shows that it is very human. It's also friendly to users who don't want to pay because OKCupid's free version is very rich. Therefore, OkCupid is still popular and used by a large number of people in most regions or cities so far and has achieved high user satisfaction. OkCupid will be an app worth using for users. It's the perfect dating app for singles or people looking to make friends. Don't hesitate, download it now.

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Editor's Reviews

The Description of OkCupid: Online Dating App

OkCupid is a large online dating site in the United States. Their purpose is "Dating Free" or "DTF" for short. Users can upload their photos as the main condition of making friends. The founder said that he doesn't want netizens to see OkCupid as a website just for finding a one-night stand. He hopes that this website can help netizens find like-minded people.


At OkCupid, you are more than just a picture. You have stories to tell, passions to share, and topics more interesting than the weather to discuss. Focus on who you are and don't focus too much on looks, because you deserve better dates. Putting the initials "Free" in "Dating Free" and making different interpretations shows the diversity of making friends on the website. You can put enthusiasm here and discuss farms, politics, war, free training, football, and so on. In the process of claiming, OkCupid is emphasizing that it can help you find a "relationship", such as brotherhood, sisterhood, friendship, and so on, but not just a romantic relationship. The purpose of making friends has become diversified, and the meaning of website establishment has also become enriched.


App Store Performance

In the Apple Store, the rating of OkCupid is 4.0, and there are ‎ ‎516,207 reviews so far, with a high praise rate. In addition, OkCupid also has a web version, and many people are also using the web version.



OkCupid: Online Dating App Pros and Cons


1. The information is clear and efficient, just like browsing a resume, it can quickly screen out those who do not meet expectations

2. In the introduction, you need to define whether you want a short-term relationship, a long-term relationship, or a new friend. Users can filter many conditions of the object, including location, height, age, gender…



1. Now there are a lot of advertisements, watching advertisements is a waste of time.

2. Everyone can join, and perverts can apply for many accounts


OkCupid: Online Dating App Reviews

OkCupid still does not have a Chinese version, and the website is all in English, but it is the best dating app I think is currently used. The mobile interface of this app is easy to operate and interesting, so I often recommend it to my friends. It is also the longest dating app I have personally used. So far, it is the easiest to meet people who are suitable for stable communication. Therefore, to allow more friends who do not speak English to be able to use it without hindrance.


Users can filter the paired objects by some conditions of OkCupid. Users will display photos, names, basic personal information, profiles, etc. It operates in the same way as Tinder, swiping left to dislike, and swiping right to like. OkCupid changed a mechanism a while ago. Both parties must like each other to see the message, so here you can only see that the other party has sent you a message, but the message will only appear if you like him. According to OkCupid, this change increases the chance of matchmaking by 32%! The block to explore and filter is to allow you to filter the conditions you want, including age, body type and distance. Click the "Adjust" icon in the upper right to enter the picture screen. For example, I want the person to be a man who is interested in women aged 27-29, located within a 20km radius of Taipei. This area can be single-choice or multiple-choice. For example, Looks can filter ranges such as height, good looks, body shape, and Height. Users can choose Average, Above Average, Hot, etc. according to the attractiveness of Attractiveness, which is the gospel of the Appearance Association! For example, in Body type, there are different categories: Thin, Fit, Average, and Jacked. In the Background, users can also filter by race, religion, and language. Race and religion are very important to some devout believers, families, or ethnic groups in communication, so I think this is a very thoughtful design.


There is also a star button in the APP of the mobile phone, which represents the person you like and the person who likes you, but the person who likes you has to pay to see it, so you will continue to see someone like you, but they are all bloody photos. , until you also click to like him, the message "You like each other" will appear. Off-topic, another reason I love OkCupid so much is that its design and copy are so fun and cute. Like this page that asks users to pay but uses a captured star and then writes You’re a total catch! Thought I wouldn’t pay to be on the A-list, but I’ll give it a few extra points. When in use, users can see messages and start conversations. As long as you have liked each other and sent a message, the message will appear here. Once again, the current mechanism is that both parties must like each other for the message to appear.

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