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Meet Mobile: Swim

DEVOLOPER: Active Network, LLC
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The Description of Meet Mobile: Swim

Meet Mobile: Swim is an app published by The Active Network Inc that falls under the Lifestyle Apps category and Sports subcategory. It supports users to access different swimming competitions across the country. Whether the user is a swimmer, coach or fan, this app has it all. It has something for swimming lovers, whether you are a swimmer, coach or fan, this app has it all. In Meet Mobile: Swim, users will be able to keep up to date with various swimming competitions and even the biggest national qualifiers in the country. Users can also access swimming competition programming from around the world, including real-time results, calorie and mental tables, and more.


App Store Performance

Meet Mobile: Swim has 7,093 reviews in Google Play store and a review of 2.8 stars out of 5. In US Apple App store it has 4.8 stars rating and ranked as #132 in Sports. There are 31.2K ratings received in iOS App store. In Appgrooves, it has 4.3 stars rating and 40K reviews. Most user recommendations are satisfied with using this application. The content it provides is of high quality. But there are indeed some problems on the system, such as the problem that the program responds too slowly. But it has great potential, and researchers are following up on its bugs and working to further address them.


Meet Mobile: Swim Pros and Cons


1. Suitable for swimmers, athletes, and coaches.

2. Provides users with real-time results of all matches.

3. Provide a schedule of competition events.

4. There is a powerful search function that supports users to quickly find swimming competitions.


1. While it works fine for the most part, there are couples that are slow.

2. There are cases where you can't connect to the network, and you can't track real-time information.

3. For some information and game results, users must pay to know.

Meet Mobile: Swim Reviews

Meet Mobile: In Swim, swimmers don't have to chase the schedule. In this app will see their event schedule and allocation of calories and swim tracks. Swimming coaches will have more than just the above information. Includes the ability to view results for each swimmer along with cumulative and subtracted splits, view relay results with swimmer names and leg splits, view real-time team scores, and view custom results filtered specifically for your team. In addition, if users are swimmers, they can use the powerful search function to quickly find swimming competitions and view the results of the swimming competitions anytime, anywhere. Fans of swimmers can tag their favorite swimmers and teams to easily see how they are doing, and see overall swimmer rankings or real-time team scores for every round at every event, and view history and time standards. Fans can also share their favorite swimmers' results instantly via email, message, Facebook or Twitter.


Meet Mobile: Swim allows users to subscribe to their exclusive information within the app, including access to swimmer times, groups, scores, and more. In this way, the user can receive the attention of the game and the player's situation at the first time. While Meet Mobile: Swim is a free downloadable app. However, some information and services can only be used by upgrading to a membership through in-app purchases. Meet Mobile: Swim has a monthly subscription price of $4.49, and an annual subscription price of $9.99. It seems that the annual subscription is better for swimmers. For users abroad, the final price they spend is based on their local currency and the exchange rate managed by Google Play.


If you are a swimmer or an athlete or a coach, don't miss this best, most useful and most satisfying app in swimming. It can be downloaded on Google Play and Apple Store. Don't hesitate and download it now.

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Editor's Reviews

Description of Meet Mobile: Swim

APP Meet Mobile: Swim is to meet mobile's swimming experience platform. From the largest national qualifier in the United States to the smallest swimming competition, it has access to projects from around the world, including some forms, psychological forms, and implementation results. By downloading this APP, users can satisfy themselves with the activities and competitions related to their favorite athletes and swimming coaches and can update and follow them in real-time. Even if you don't participate in relevant conferences and competitions, you can follow your favorite swimmers and coaches through this APP, and follow swimmers and teams on time. And users can tag their favorite swimmers and team members in the app so that they can be easily found. Users can also bookmark their relevant game information records, as well as watch their videos. In this APP, users can also view the overall swimming and relay rankings of each project and each round, and can view real-time team scores, some records and time standards, etc.


Users can even bind their email addresses through their accounts information, Facebook, Twitter, and so on in order to share their activities. Of course, users can also share their liking for some athletes on this APP, including sharing their favorite photos and videos and recording some important moments. So this app also has a certain social function. Users can help it as a platform to record and share the content they are interested in.


APP Store Performance

According to the APP Store data, Meet Mobile: Swim has a score of 4.7, which is a very high score. There are ‎7,135 reviews here, and it is still very popular and ranked among sports apps.


Meet Mobile: Swim Pros and Cons


1. The information on this platform is very comprehensive and rich, which can meet all relevant needs of users.

2. This APP can support people to collect and subscribe to related activities to help people better disclose the latest information.



1. Some services require users to subscribe, and subscriptions require a certain fee, so many services are not free.


Meet Mobile: Swim Review

There are some photos and videos in Meet Mobile: Swim Review where users can check and follow the latest situation. For coaches, they can view the different results of each swimmer, accumulated points, etc., and view related tables before and after the event before the meeting.


This APP is also very meaningful for the host, it can help the host to provide the latest data, help them complete all meeting arrangements, and also enable the schedule, mental table, and information before the meeting is launched Wait. Moderators can also share an estimated timetable for the start of each event. When people search for eligible conditions, they can be exposed to the app. By providing timely fan meeting services, fans, swimmers, athletes, and coaches can be better connected, making users feel more relaxed and happy.


Users can subscribe to related information, such as meetings and so on, and subscribed users can also access swimming training and competition times, scores, and other information. The meeting host and related managers will publish the results of each project to the meeting manager, then users and others can use pull. This is the most widely-used swimming management software in the world, and people can find almost everything to meet their needs. The subscription fee for this APP is not very expensive. It only costs $2.49 per month, and users can subscribe to related activities, which is very convenient and easy to use.

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