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The Description of Target

Target is a shopping app available on iOS and Android platforms, affiliated to the general merchandise retailor Target store.  This App is a mobile tool for customers to gain a smoother, easier and quicker shopping experience. It incorporates ‘all-inclusive’ shopping features and experience in one App from shopping planning, item checking to the final payment and/or delivery at your choice. Plus, the App also offers exclusive deals and perks for its users.

App Store Performance

Target receives different ratings and feedback on different platforms.  In Google Play, it has been downloaded over 10 million times and 283,761 users rated the app at an average 4.2 out 5score. In App Store however, its feedback is overwhelmingly positive. 4.2 million users rated it at 4.9 out 5 stars. It is also the Editor’s Choice and ranked at 11th place among shopping Apps.

Target Pros and Cons


1. Target integrates all shopping elements well into one App and makes the shopping experience concise and uncomplicated.

2. It gathers up the latest information on all sorts of offers, deals and special rewards, and helps users get the most out of their spending.

3. It allows customers to check useful information such as the inventory status and specific shelf location of an item, which saves a lot of time in their in-store shopping.

4. The App offers exclusive advantages for users, such as the Drive Up service.

5. It makes the payment method contactless and hassle free.


1. The design of the app icon for certain features could be optimized as they are not very clear and vivid on some devices.

2. Errors may occur sometimes when scanning the barcode for the updated item info.

3. Information display might occasionally be confusing and inconsistent.

Target Reviews

Target App is generally well received on the market, partially because of the excellent store service the retailor has already been offering for years. Consumer-loyalty to the store definitely plays a role in their loyalty to the App. Nonetheless, this App on its own is still very useful in many ways for its multi-functional features. First, it makes the shopping planning stage much easier. Users can create their personalized shopping list which not only reminds them of the items they need to get at the store, but the online real-time checking function allows customers to know the stock status, reviews and detailed location of the items of their choice. This saves them potential hassle and time of the actual in-store shopping. Second, it offers different shopping methods. Users can either make the plan, shop at the store and check out with the App; or they can add items to the cart on their app and use the online payment and delivery/pick up service. What is more, for app users, they also get to enjoy the App-only perk -- drive through pick-up. Furthermore, target always offers dazzling deals, discounts and rewards. Customers might get lost in those offers or miss out a special deal. The App fully integrates all the currently available deals and offers into the barcode of each item, so customers would not miss any possible chance to get the best deals. Besides, the latest version of the App introduces a new feature of the Target Circle, which not only provides you with numerous special deals, but also allows you to better receive and manage your earnings, rewards and gifts. You can also participate in those non-profit driven votes and make a small but helpful contribution to your communities.

Although, there are some occasional technical issues and App development imperfections, users are generally very satisfied with their App-assisted overall shopping Target experience. If you are a frequent customer of the store, this App definitely is practical and makes your experience even greater.  

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Editor's Reviews

The Description of Target

Target is a shopping app in which users can buy goods from different shops at their fingertips. It allows you to access tons of deals with special gifts for your birthday. Meanwhile, it also offers you an opportunity to support your community if in need. With the help of this shopping app, you can plan what to buy in advance, take orders, pay your bill, and take your stuff under the guidance of the store maps in the app. It gives you a one-stop solution in terms of shopping. In addition, before you make any decisions, you can also refer to comments left by previous customers to decide whether you will buy anything from the store or not. The wallet function in the app allows you to pay your bill in the fastest and the easiest way. Lastly, the app contains ads.

Target Performance

Target has 285179 reviews in the Google Play store with 4.2 stars out of 5. In APP Store, 4.2 million ratings with 4.9 stars out of 5, which is pretty high a score. It is rewarded with the “Editors’ Choice” award. From the statistics offered above, we can see that the app receives satisfying feedback from both iOS and Android users.

Target Pros and Cons


1. One-stop solution for users to buy groceries.

2. Able to manage earning and votes.

3. Check the stock and price of the goods in advance.

4. Access to hundreds of deals.

5. Support users with maps to help them find the store.

6. Able to pay the bill with a single scan.



1. New updates create new issues with the app. 

2. Search function is not that user-friendly.

3. Loss of saved items in the wallet.


Target Reviews

If you frequently go out for shopping groceries, Target would be a good choice for you to assist your shopping experience. With the help of Target, you can choose what to buy beforehand and save items to your list. Information about the store location, stocks, and prices will be available for you at your fingertips. The app is your one-stop solution with lots of birthday gifts and credits. You don’t need to take cash to pay for the bill because you can pay it by simply scanning the bar code. Therefore, Target is really convenient for users and saves them a lot of time and energy when they go shopping. It receives great popularity in both Android and iOS app stores, which is not surprising at all. Meanwhile, Target is criticized for some of its glitches. For instance, though the app keeps frequent updates of the app to fix old bugs, it turns out the updates will result in a series of new bugs as well. In addition, it is somewhat inconvenient for users to use the search function of the app. Lastly, even though users save some items that they want to buy later, they may find those items disappearing from the list when they are ready to pay the bill. To summarize, Target is a useful tool and an app for users to buy groceries online. It is especially helpful during the pandemic since it will lessen their time spent outdoors. Yet, the support team and developers should try to fix those bugs mentioned by users, or else a lot of time might be wasted for users during their shopping. The app is recommended to those who need to go shopping at a high frequency because it will inform you of the necessary details about the items you may want to buy in advance and guide you all the way to the store if you are not familiar with the location.

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